5 Reasons To Invest In Park View City:

Park View City is a CDA-approved, delightful housing society by Vision Group in Zone IV of Islamabad. There is a wide main boulevard that provides direct access from the expressway into the society. You can likewise get access through Kurri Road and Banigala. Park View City Islamabad is situated at the edge of Islamabad’s botanical garden and has various passages that make it an objective effortlessly of openness. This housing society is being created by the Vision Group, which has a broad arrangement of land improvements in other significant urban communities of Pakistan, including Karachi and Lahore. This housing society is famous among investors because of its grand perspectives and the best services it provides. It is wanted to give an ideal spot to families who need to reside in a family-accommodating area and a safe spot with a modern vision and impeccable perspectives.

Reasons To Invest In Park View City

The premium location, more development in a short span of time, and quality framework have made Park View City Islamabad the brilliant gem of Islamabad, with nearby and foreign investors showing a strong fascination with the project. Its prestigious location makes it heaven on Earth. World-class housing projects include a large Turkish-style mosque, a famous school, a large hospital, Park View Mall, and a large community. Park View City is owned by a real estate magnate from Pakistan’s ruling party. This project has the same location advantage as the Bahria Enclave. The main five reasons why one should invest in Park View City are as follows:

Trustworthy And Renowned Developers:

Trustworthy And Renowned Developers:

Vision Group was founded in 2012 by Aleem Khan and has proactively finished various projects. In under 10 years, Vision Group has ruled the Pakistani housing market and set up a good foundation for itself as one of the locale’s most trusted and dependable organizations in real estate. Through various building and urban landscape initiatives in cosmopolitan locations, the company strives to enable extraordinary living. The Vision Group project aspects are characterized by an attractive aesthetic and modern practicality, creating a comfortable and luxurious residence. Vision Group has completed several successful projects, including architectural marvels in Pakistan’s major cities. Park View City Islamabad has been planned by Vision Group with unique and contemporary design and innovation. It has become one of Islamabad’s most demanding and desirable housing societies. As Park View City is their debut project in Islamabad, they offer cutting-edge technology for advancement. This project strives for perfection and is one of the liveliest housing projects in the area. The previous successful projects of Vision groups are:

  • Park View Villas on Lahore-Multan Road
  • Signature Apartments at Park View in Gulberg-Lahore
  • Park View Corporate Center is located on Lahore Mall Road.
  • Park View Icon in Karachi.
  • The National School

Prime Location:

Location is the number one factor when it comes to a good real estate investment. Many investors consider location an important factor, whether it comes to short-term or long-term investments. There are a number of housing cooperatives, but most of them do not enjoy the great proximity to the three main roads amidst the quiet Islamabad Zoo and Botanical Gardens in the heart of Margalas. Park View City Islamabad is in a wonderful hilly region that is surrounded by greenery. You can appreciate stunning nightfalls and a tranquil climate while staying in close proximity to the important city. Park View City Islamabad is right across from the beautifully developed Bahria enclave and borders the CDA-commissioned Enclave Park. The company is close to easy access to Bani Gala and Chak Shahzad, and access to the Kashmir Highway and Islamabad Highway are also close and easily accessible. The north side of the Islamabad PVC is directly connected to the surreal landscape of the Islamabad Zoo and Botanical Gardens.

The Park View City area is surrounded by the beautiful hills and mountains of Bani Gala, and the civilization is close enough to allow reasonable access to the city center. The Park View City Islamabad is a beautiful housing society located near the city center and is the best place to live in. View City is the ideal place for building your own dream house. The Park View City map contains detailed development plans for all residential lots, commercial boundaries, and public facilities in the community. The main advantage of Park View City locations and maps is that all roads leading to the community are at least 100 feet wide. However, in the 2020 Islamabad Master Plan, the Capital Development Authority (CDA) plans to expand Kurri Road, Malot Road, and Simply Dam Road into a 200-foot highway. This means that all access roads to Park View City Islamabad will be increased to at least 200 feet, making it more convenient for Park View City residents of Islamabad. The main Park View City Boulevard is now 200 feet wide, giving visitors a first impression of luxury.

Grand Entrance And Commercial Area

The fact that the commercial district is right at the entrance means there will be more pedestrians. As in this case, it will also be accessible to local communities such as the Bahria Enclave and Park Enclave. Such commercial zones attract real estate developers to build pioneer projects and shopping malls, which further enhance community value. Another reason to invest in Park View City is that the commercial area is right behind the entrance. The business park attracts commercial and business activities in residential projects, which improves the quality of life and living in the community.

An Eco-Friendly Society:

Park View City has a large tree planting program to improve the overall climate and add to the beauty of the city. Park View City is said to have more than 150,000 plants. One of the main advantages of Park View City is that it is eco-friendly and has lots of natural wood planks. Many people are attracted to this company because the Chak Shahzad area is famous for its beauty. The stylish and safe lifestyle at Park View City Islamabad is well known. You will never be satisfied with the location of Park View City Islamabad when you buy a property here. According to environmental reports, the dense forest landscape is great for residents. Green housing developments are becoming increasingly common.

Park View City should not put any effort into this as housing companies like Capital Smart City are developing eco-friendly programs due to the map and location of Park View City Islamabad. Park View City Islamabad, as a trendsetter in green real estate policy, is always the first to innovate. Park View City has developed environmental efforts for its housing projects with environmental concerns and climate change in mind. A group of environmentalists was assigned to analyze the area. Pakistan joined the plantation movement and founded the Plant4Pakistan campaign. Park View City also chose to participate in the campaign. According to a 2017 UN report, every state land should have 25% plantations, but Pakistani lands have less than 3% plantations. According to the Global Climate Risk Index, Pakistan ranks fifth in the world for the long-term impacts of climate change.

Larger Plots And Easy Payment Plans

As per the master plan, all Park View City blocks are growing rapidly, with properties available in A, B, C, and D. Sector H is growing rapidly along with other blocks, and according to the developer, properties will be available to those who book properties in A and B blocks with only a 25% down payment. This is the best time for aspiring homeowners who wish to own their own homes in Islamabad to take advantage of this opportunity. Park View City’s installment and payment packages are comprehensively designed for investors and potential homeowners. Most often, the down payment starts at 10 to 30%, with the option to split the remaining payment into easy monthly and quarterly installments.

The following PVC parcel sizes are currently available:

5 Marla, 8 Marla, 10 Marla, 1 kanal, 2 kanals

5 Marla plots are available in blocks A, B, F, J, and K.

8 Marla plots are available in Block J.

10 Marla plots are available in blocks A, B, F, H, and I.

1 Kanal housing plots are available in blocks B, C, E, F, N, and M.

2 Kanal residential plots are available in blocks D and P.


Park View City is a CDA-supported housing project in Islamabad’s central region. Downtown Islamabad will be one of the undertaking’s novel commercial centers. Midtown will be fixated on a 100-Kanal lake. Park View City benefits from its location in a valley-like setting encompassed by a wonderful floral landscape. Due to their #1 characteristics, the undertaking attracted numerous developers to Park View City Islamabad. The main focus of Park View City is to create environmental awareness among the people about the environment and develop the project without causing harm to the environment, thus being named an “eco-friendly” project. According to a press release, Park View City Islamabad is designed to allow residents to experience the best of both worlds: nature and city life.


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