Blue World City is a product of real estate and development giants such as the Blue Group of Companies (BGC) and the highly coveted Shan Jian Municipal Engineering. What this means is that the real estate project in Islamabad will bring to the table international standards in terms of the amenities it incorporates. Let’s go through the Blue World City complete guide.

In this Blue World City Complete Guide, we will dive into each and every facility provided by this project. They will be divided into 4 different categories starting with basic amenities, recreational facilities, tourist attractions, and, lastly, transport and accessibility.

Basic Amenities

Basic Amenities BWC

 These cover the kind of facilities that are expected by high-end housing projects such as Blue World City Islamabad. All these basic amenities are in keeping with its futuristic and revolutionary design. This section of the Complete Guide covers the following:

  • Water, electricity, gas
  • Well-planned and robust infrastructure such as roads and streetlights
  • A gated community with 24/7 surveillance and checking points.

While the housing society is yet to have its NOC approved by the RDA, Makeen Marketing’s real estate moguls predict that it is only a matter of time before it gets the NOC document. The significance of this document is that it ensures a steady supply of amenities Blue World City Islamabad plans on providing its residents with. These include water, electricity as well as gas. Project staff is said to be working tirelessly towards the endless facilitation of these basic facilities.

This real estate project in Islamabad is working on a masterfully built intricate and well-connected infrastructure. The roads are wide— approximately 40, 60, 80, and even 129 feet wide— and laid out evenly so that car-drivers feel like they are gliding on the road. The entire project is well illuminated.

Perhaps one of our favorite features of this project is got underground electrical systems; no more pesky overhead wires! Not only will this decision add to the beauty of the project as a whole, but it will also cut down on incidents of faulty electrical wires.

The next facility our Blue World City Complete Guide touches on is the safety measures put in place by this gated society. All entrances to this real estate project in Islamabad will be heavily guarded to safeguard the residents and their properties.

An additional safety feature that this being added is that of facial recognition and key cards— something that isn’t quite the norm in Pakistan. This builds on the idea of a more personalized project.

Recreational Facilities

Recreational Facilities BWC

While many housing projects in Pakistan stop at providing the basic amenities, Blue World City Islamabad takes it a step further and offers its residents a host of recreational facilities to indulge in.

These include attractions such as theme parks, sports, and cultural complexes as well as lakes, an IMAX cinema, adventure club, a safari zoo, and the list goes on! If the affordability of this real estate project in Islamabad wasn’t enough to convince you, these exciting features surely will!

The housing project boasts of resourceful commercial complexes with stores stock up on everything you might need. Apart from the recreational spaces mentioned here, Blue World City Islamabad also provides for its resident’s places of worship. These are spacious structures where people of all sects can come together in worship. Jamia mosques are built throughout the society for the convenience of the occupants.

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Tourist Attractions at Blue World City

tourist attractions

Next on our Blue World City Complete Guide to all facilities is how it’ll come to act as a tourist destination in Pakistan.

You might be wondering how a real estate project in Islamabad could double as a tourist attraction.  Well, with the kind of features BWC has, it can! It’s working on constructing a number of tourist attractions such as replicas of world-renowned sites such as Burj Al Arab and the Blue Mosque in Turkey.

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Moreover, the housing society is working on the construction of the world’s largest horse mascot. These things combined make Blue World City Islamabad the perfect tourist attraction.

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