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Capital Smart City Introduction

Capital Smart City has grown into one of Islamabad’s leading housing companies. As a housing project distributor and authorized dealer, Makeen has probably achieved the highest level of customer satisfaction with this housing project than with any other housing project on the market. HRL has been on the rise recently and is building and developing two of Pakistan’s first (and only) smart cities. When it comes to capital smart cities, housing projects have achieved great results in terms of their general, executive, and overseas blocks.

Due to the current climate issue as well as other factors, city infrastructures are unable to cope with today’s rapidly expanding population. For us and the future, the rise of smart cities is a crucial part. In a smart city, waste management is one of the most critical aspects of sustainability. Smart cities need to take a deeper look at their waste management. In terms of scope, size, and technology, smart waste management is the very first installation on a global scale. In waste management and collection, smart technologies are still in their infancy. Even the world’s most famous capitals are experimenting with them.

We are pleased to announce the first provision of a smart waste management system for the Islamabad capital, Smart City. The equipment was purchased from ESA, Italy’s largest waste management company. At Reggio Emilia’s ESA plant, materials are being researched by the Capital Smart City team. A better quality of life has been achieved by promoting the idea of smart cities. With the help of cutting-edge technology, capital smart cities pave the way for a sustainable future. This RDA-approved initiative aims to improve the economy, housing, and environment. One of the things you need for a smart city is a good way to get rid of solid waste.


Capital Smart City Developers and Owners

One of the pivotal aspects of Capital Smart City’s Master Plan is that this society has been planned and developed by the famous Habib Rafiq group in collaboration with the Future Holding Development Pvt. Ltd. This is the same company that has previously worked on a number of outstanding real estate projects across Pakistan including Bahria Town and Defense House Authority. This is also one of the main reasons why investors have built a strong faith and trust in the development and contraction progress of Capital Smart City Islamabad.

In addition, the Habib Rafiq group wants to make this real estate development in Islamabad a success story. For this reason, predictions indicate that a merger between Capital Smart City and DHA is likely to happen soon. If this occurs, the value of the investors’ investments is expected to increase exponentially, and those who purchase plots in Capital Smart City are likely to become extremely wealthy.  In addition, FDHL is working on another smart city called the Lahore smart city. Lahore smart cities are Pakistan’s most successful ventures to date. Prices have risen many times and it is very difficult to find inventory in Lahore smart cities.

Capital Smart City Location

Capital Smart City Islamabad is located near to the M2 Motorway, right next to the new Islamabad International Airport. This location of Capital Smart City is considered to be one of the best aspects regarding its overall value as accessibility is not an issue at all. The society is being developed in accordance with a brilliant Capital Smart City Map that has been designed in similarity to the success projects of Bahria Town and DHA Islamabad.

Specifically, this project is just a few minutes away from the thalian interchange on the M2 Motorway and it is located in the route of China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) as well. This contributes immensely to the accessibility factor, making this housing society as one of the favorites in terms of from both out-of-city and inside-the-city access. In the neighborhood of Capital Smart City, there are multiple real estate projects such as Blue World City, Eighteen Islamabad, Qurtaba City, and Al-Mairaj City. However, Capital Smart City is ahead in terms of scope, development, and overall value.

Smart Villas in Capital Smart City

Capital Smart City Islamabad is providing investors with an opportunity to invest in the first-ever Smart Villas in Pakistan. Working in collaboration with international companies, Capital Smart City owners have planned some of the most modern smart villas featuring a number of revolutionary and smart features. This is just one step by Capital Smart City towards a futuristic housing society.

What is Waste Management?

Capital Smart City has become one of the chief housing societies in Islamabad. As a deal accomplice and approved vendor of the housing project, Makeen has seen maybe the most consumer loyalty conveyed by this housing project than any other on the lookout. HRL has been having some fantastic luck as of late—building and creating two of Pakistan’s most brilliant urban communities. Taking everything into account, the lodging project has encountered huge achievement in regards to its general, leader, and abroad block.

Why there is need of Waste Management System?

There are a lot of benefits to this Smart Waste Management System, including the following:

  • Up to 30% of infrastructure, operational, and maintenance costs will be saved.
  • As a result of decreased air pollution, traffic will be reduced, which will reduce noise levels.
  • There are fewer people needed to gather waste as a result.
  • Our surroundings are clean, green, and odor-free thanks to it.
  • The administration will be able to gain more cash through advertising on smart gadgets.
  • The city becomes a “Smart City” when its waste management system is optimized to maximize efficiency, resources, and prices.


Capital Smart City Blocks

Overseas Block

The Capital Smart City Overseas Block is the most premium section of this housing project located near to the main boulevard. This section of the society is designed to cater for the specific needs of Overseas Pakistanis.

Executive Block

Capital Smart City executive block is the main segment of the housing society that has a number of attractive residential as well as commercial features. It has been specially designed to cater for the needs of the local Pakistanis.

Harmony Park Block

Capital Harmony Park Block is a separate section of the society that provides residents with an eco-friendly atmosphere based on a number of natural features. It includes a number of luxuries farmhouses and villa apartments as well.

Capital Smart City Property Types

Overseas Block

The Capital Smart City Overseas Block is the most premium section of this housing project located near to the main boulevard. This section of the society is designed to cater for the specific needs of Overseas Pakistanis.

Executive Block

Capital Smart City executive block is the main segment of the housing society that has a number of attractive residential as well as commercial features. It has been specially designed to cater for the needs of the local Pakistanis.

Harmony Park Block

Capital Harmony Park Block is a separate section of the society that provides residents with an eco-friendly atmosphere based on a number of natural features. It includes a number of luxuries farmhouses and villa apartments as well.

Capital Smart City Payment Plan

The real estate society provides investors with a range of plots in different sizes in the residential and commercial sectors, as well as luxury villas. You can buy 5 Marla to 1 Kanal and 2 Kanal plots in 3-year easy quarterly installments. Go through this payment plan for complete details.

Capital smart city payment plan 2022

Capital Smart City Overseas Location

Capital Smart City’s Overseas Prime location is at a height overseeing the entire Capital Smart City Islamabad and its beautiful and splendid features. This housing project is considered to be the best in the market in terms of potential in recent times, and therefore we are recommending investors to buy 7 Marla plots in Capital Overseas Prime block for the best returns on investment. Capital Smart City Islamabad offers its investors a host of different plot cuttings to choose from. Get in touch with our export real estate agents for more details. According to the Capital Smart City map, the Overseas Prime location provides the residents with some of the most breathtaking views of the following features in Capital Smart City Islamabad.

  • All Lake Views and Rivers.
  • Khairi Murat Mountains.
  • Exclusive Views of the Chahan Dam.
  • Lake View Terraces.
  • All Eco-Friendly Infrastructures— Capital Smart City Islamabad places special emphasis on being an eco-friendly society.

Overseas Prime Block Plot Sizes

You can also book following plot sizes in Capital Smart City. Overseas Prime Block:

10 Marla Plots in Capital Smart City Overseas Prime Block

12 Marla Plots in Capital Overseas Prime Block

1 Kanal Plots in Capital Smart City Overseas Prime Block and

2 Kanal Plots in Capital Smart Overseas Prime Block as well.

Challenges resolved by Smart Waste Management System:

Municipalities have a wide range of challenges when it comes to waste management in order to become a sustainable and resilient city. So, we’ve put together a list of problems with how cities handle trash and practical ways to fix them.

  • Waste container tracking is the top priority for municipalities, as stated above. Asset management is the most efficient and effective way to meet this need. It’s easy to keep track of your trash cans thanks to sensors included in smart waste bins. Sensors will give you real-time information about your assets.
  • Those in charge of waste management in smart cities must be able to keep track of the entire process on a practical level. For this reason, they would benefit greatly from having a single platform where they could keep tabs on every step of their waste management process in great detail. Yes, thanks to the latest technology, ESA waste management activities can be simply managed by one all-in-one system.
  • As part of your waste management strategy, you can collaborate with your residents. Your citizens may help make your city cleaner and greener by using waste management apps on mobile devices like Citizen App. Citizens will be able to take charge of their own destinies in your smart city.

Important Consideration of Waste Management System in Capital Smart City

Zero Waste is a final consideration in the management of waste in smart cities. The concept of Zero Trash has gained popularity in recent years as people become more conscious of the need of waste management and recycling. Every day, a lot of waste is produced in smart cities, therefore recycling is a given.

In addition, in smart cities, recycling is a major concern, and the authorities work hard to educate their inhabitants about the importance of reducing waste and recycling. We are able to recycle waste and manufacture new materials as a result of Zero Waste and smart city recycling initiatives. The reuse of waste and the production of new materials without the need of any new materials are important aspects of Zero Waste and recycling.

You’ll also get a solution for running your operations with ESA’s all-in-one waste management platform. Using operation management technologies, Capital smart city’s waste management may be monitored and controlled at all times. You’ll save both time and money if you use this clever solution. Request a waste management demo and see how it works for yourself.

A Smart Waste Management system has never been implemented in Pakistan, thus this is wonderful news. Clients, particularly Pakistanis living abroad, can rely on us, a global marketing firm that specialises in managing real estate properties. For more information contact us.


Capital Smart City is a lifetime opportunity and potential project which offers investors future growth and maximum returns. Capitals Smart City offers so much and cares for its investors. The project provides investors flexible payment plans for their convenience and ease. It has brought forth the quarterly installment plans and at the time of possession you only have to pay the first quarter installment. Because of these investors have an easy way to pay the charges. There is no entire upfront payment for investors and therefore, Capital Smart City Possession is going to be carried out with ultimate convenience.

You can contact Makeen Marketing anytime to know about further details regarding Capital Smart City possession. Call us today at 0330-0(MAKEEN)625336 or visit our Booking office at Plaza D1, PWD Islamabad for bookings and other information.

Capital Smart City Islamabad FAQ’s


Fundamentally, a Smart City is considered to be futuristic and innovative housing project with a number of modern as well as advanced infrastructures. It has a sophisticated edge over other real estate projects as it includes multiple smart standards including strategic planning, smart apps and facilities, and a smart environment based on an eco-friendly infrastructure.


As Capital Smart City lies in the jurisdiction of RDA, therefore it has gained NOC by RDA for planning. The Capital Smart City layout plan is designed with high standards pertaining to those of Islamabad. Therefore, it is referred to as Capital Smart City Islamabad.


Yes, Capital Smart City is a completely legal society and it is secure to invest in from Pakistanis inside as well as outside the country. The NOC of Capital Smart City was approved by RDA and in case you wish to verify, you can check official website of RDA.


In the first quarter of 2020, the possession of plots is predicted to be given and investors can start construction once their payment have been completed.


As Capital Smart City is the first smart city in Pakistan, it is providing its investors with a sustainable living along with multiple unique features such as Free-Wi Fi hotspots, climate control application, traffic control apps, 8-hole golf course and a BRT system as well.


Capital Smart City is a perfect choice for investors who are looking for the best investment opportunity in Islamabad. This real estate project best for both long term as well as short term returns on investment. This is primarily because of the fact that this housing project is expected to merge with DHA, increasing its overall value tremendously.

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