Building a home in Pakistan is considered to be a one-time affair with maximum efforts put in by its future residents. Therefore, the homeowners try their best to build a reliable structure and ensure durability looking at the Cost of 5 Marla Upper Storey in Pakistan.

However, with prices for construction material and services increasing in recent times, it has become much more difficult for people to gauge the overall construction process. The prices are high, and the systems for construction are still unclear to many.

Considering this need for home construction, we have developed this guide to help you get a sound understanding of the Construction Cost of 5 Marla Upper Storey in Pakistan. Through this article, you can easily plan your budget and build your dream home in a smooth and sufficient manner.

This article includes the details regarding Construction Cost for 5 Marla Upper Storey in Pakistan.

Cost of Construction Material

Cost of Construction Material

The first and foremost expense during the construction cost of a 5 Marla Upper storey is the construction material. For this purpose, you are going to require material including sand, cement, rebar, crush, Rori, and most importantly bricks. This material will be used for the construction of 5 Marla grey structure. In addition to this, you will also have to install plumbing and electric systems, main gate, and safety grills, etc.

Here is an estimate of the overall construction cost:

Item Quantity Rate Cost (PKR)
Bricks Awaal 16,500 12.5 206,250
Sand Ravi 900 20/c.ft 18,000
Plaster 350 35/c.ft 12,250
Lintel/Linter 500 75/c.ft 35,700
Floor 250 65/c.ft 16,250
Rori 12,000
Total Cost     302,250

Other than this, the labor cost is also important as recently the Labour cost in 2020 is around PKR 375 per sq ft, this means that a budget of PKR 393,750 sq ft is to be kept in mind before hiring laborers for work.

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Tiles and Marbles

Tiles and Marbles

Once the grey structure is completed, the next step is to select and invest in the right tiles and marbles. Flooring options need to be considered for a sleek and stylish look, and tiles are the best option for this purpose.

In case you are looking to install good quality tiles in the Cost of 5 Marla Upper Story in Pakistan, you are looking at a rate of PKR 2,000 per sq/mtr for the entire floor. This is exclusive of the flooring costs for the bathroom and terrace. Therefore, the overall cost of tiles for the 5 Marla Upper storey would be around PKR 158,000. 

Electrical Appliances Cost for 5 Marla Upper Storey in Pakistan

Electrical Appliances

Construction Cost of 5 Marla Upper Storey in Pakistan also involves installing and fixing all the electrical appliances. If you are looking to install a decent quality set of lamps, lights, and chandeliers, you are looking at a cost of around PKR 55,000. Fans can install ranging from PKR 5000 – PKR 10,000 in the upper story of the house. GFC and Royal fans are the best for this purpose.

In addition to this, total cost of around PKR 27,500 would be needed for 7-8 Opal switchboards and power plugs at 500/unit as well. Therefore, the overall budget consumed on plugs would be around PKR 4000.

An Estimated Cost of Electrical Appliances = PKR 125,000

Kitchen and Bathroom Costs for 5 Marla

Kitchen and Bathroom Costs for 5 Marla

A well designed and decorated Kitchen is considered to be the most important part of the house. A beautiful Kitchen leaves a long-lasting impression on the visitors and speaks volumes about the overall nature of the homeowners. Therefore, it important to add proper Kitchen accessories in the construction cost of 5 Marla Upper Storey in Pakistan.

The first step for Kitchen construction is to assess the costs of the knob and hood costing you around PKR 50,000. After this, you have to buy and install a good quality sink for PKR 15,000. If you are looking to install a good quality bathroom vanity set, companies such as Marachi and Porta are considered to be the best option as they are offering PKR 9,000 per unit.

Normally there are two Bathrooms in the construction cost of 5 Marla Upper Storey in Pakistan. Therefore, the overall costs be around PKR 18,000. The commodes would cost around PKR 30,000.

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Construction Cost for an Upper Storey of a 5 Marla House

construction cost for a 5 marla house

Concluding our budget, we can say that the overall grey structure plus finishing cost of 5 Marla Upper Storey in Pakistan is around PKR 2,500,000. This includes the PKR 1,189,000 for the construction material and finishing costs of around PKR 1,295,000

Therefore, after reading this detailed analysis you have gained a sound understanding of the overall construction costs for an Upper Story of a 5 Marla House. Stay tuned to Makeen Marketing for the best construction tips and advice.

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