Starting your own building company is an extremely daunting task- even for highly successful builders. Just like with any other business, you start out with a construction business idea, create a business plan, and then begin executing your business plans to materialize your business dreams. However, one thing most people do not pay heed to is maintaining healthy business practices.

In this blog, we will highlight the business practices kept by highly successful builders.

Don’t Compromise on Quality

Don’t Compromise on Quality

Successful builders know the importance of insisting on quality. If you would not use the materials in your own home, do not use them to construct your client’s house! It is important to sit down and discuss these materials with your clients—make sure they are on board with the substances employed.

Remember, if your client is happy with your work, chances are they will talk to their friends and family about it. This is a great way to snowball your clientele and have more people know about your business.

Successful Builders Know How to Manage Time

Successful Builders Know How to Manage Time

Heading a construction business means you need to have impeccable time-management skills. Thus, in order to be a successful builder, you must be on top of all your deliveries and meet your milestones when on time.

If you are lagging behind on your schedule, you will work overtime and become stressed out; no one wants to hire a stressed-out builder.

Experts at Makeen Marketing know the difference between ordinary builders and successful builders is knowing the difference between what is urgent and what is not. Having clearly defined urgent projects will help you categorize and prioritize them accurately.

Pro tip: Learn to say ‘no’. You do not have to take on too many projects at once just because you could not turn down a client. Research shows that burning yourself out is counterproductive. Value quality over quantity.

Lead Your Team

Lead Your Team

Your team is your strength. What makes a great team is a good leader. Learn to lead your team, not just to assign tasks. If they see you there with them at the frontlines, they will surely feel more motivated to give it their all.

Successful builders recognize this trait and make sure they lead by example and make sure the entire team is adhering to the rules set in place so they can achieve goals efficiently.

Select Your Niche Carefully

Select Your Niche Carefully

Successful builders tend to work within, and master, a specific niche. They do not take projects outside of their area of expertise.

When starting out, we suggest you monitor your net margins for 12 months of operations to get a better idea of the kind of project your and your team find most profitable. Double down on projects in this niche and become the connoisseur in that area.

This strategy makes sure that you operate with a competitive advantage in the construction market.

Communicate with the Architect

Communicate with the Architect

Successful builders keep an open line of communication with their clients as well as the architects of the project. When architects and builders sit together and talk about the process, they are able to create lavish, high-performance homes.

The architect designs the floor plans and the overall layout of the home while the builders help materialize these plans. A builder must communicate with the architect to see if the plans can be built.  

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Develop a Sales and Marketing Pitch

Develop a Sales and Marketing Pitch

All successful builders understand that part of methodically organizing a building team is knowing how sales and marketing work.

You need to know about the marketplace in order to be able to speak to clients in a particular niche. Successful builders are able to gauge their client’s fears, qualms, and pain points when they spend more time with them. Once you understand your client better, you will be able to come up with a tailor-made sales pitch.

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