A rundown of two of the foremost housing societies in the capital: Islamabad Model Town vs Park View City.

The Pakistani real estate sector is thought to be one of the pillars of the economy. To many, it is an extremely safe and lucrative industry to invest in— according to a statistic put forth by the World Bank, nearly 60–70% of the nation’s total wealth is store in land assets. This is a cosmic amount and is indicative of the security and returns offered by the real estate sector.


Are you looking for a place to grow your money fruitfully? Experts at Makeen Marketing suggest you look into two up and coming housing projects in Islamabad: Park View Islamabad and Islamabad Model Town. However, you must look closely into each of these projects and compare Islamabad Model Town vs Park View City.

Both societies are being developed by big personalities in the real estate game— Islamabad Model Town is a project of Model Project Pvt Ltd while Ejaz & Co. are listed as the primary developers of the project. This firm is also involved in the development of Park View City which is owned by Vision Group.

Below are a few thing you can keep in mind while thinking about Islamabad Model Town vs Park View City.

Park View City Vs Islamabad Model Town Location

 Park View City Vs Islamabad Model Town Location

Both housing projects are situated within close proximity to each other. In fact, they might even be considered neighbors. The location selected by the projects is prime. Right in the heart of the capital meaning the residents of the projects will have easy access to the city center. While they are located in an urban center, they are still surrounded by the lush hills of Bani Gala. Thus, here as in investor thinking in terms of Islamabad Model Town vs Park View City, there is not much of a difference.

To be exact, Islamabad Model Town is situated on Malot Road, near Bahria enclave and Park View City. The master plan map reveals that the main boulevard of Islamabad Model Town is going to be linked with Simly Dam Road allowing the project connection to the Twin Cities.

As for Park View City, it, too, is located on Malot Road and it within a few minutes distance from Bahria Enclave. Compared to other districts such as D-12 and E-11, these housing projects are ideal location wise— you are not far removed from the city and are also immersed in an eco-friendly environment.

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Development Status

Development Status

Development status refers to the stage the housing project is in in its development process. when considering Islamabad Model Town vs Park View City, its important to keep in mind their respective development statuses. Coming back to Islamabad Model Town, we have already seen there being a tremendous amount of work being done. The developers were able to construct the entirety of the main boulevard within a mere 30 days. This is the same boulevard that connects the housing project to Simly Dam Road and as well as Bahria Enclave.

At the time of writing, there have been a few homes that have been constructed as well as a few roads and infrastructure that has been developed. According to sources, the next project on the developers’ agenda is the construction of the grand mosque.

With regards to Park View City, thanks to the possession of several plots in the initial blocks—Block A, B and C—being granted, there has been significant construction and development work has taken place. Much like Islamabad Model Town, houses, infrastructure for basic utilities has been already been developed. Apart from this, educational institutions as well as healthcare facilities have also opened up at Park View City. Experts at Makeen Marketing believe that in terms of development status, Islamabad Model Town vs Park View City, Park View City has the lead.

Master Plans

Master Plans

Essentially, a master plan is a document that highlights the conceptual layout of a piece of land—be it a commercial plot, a residential one or a housing society. A master plan map is a great way to picture how the buildings connect to their surrounding environment. You will find a marked difference in the master plans of both societies. 

Taking a look at the Islamabad Model Town map, we can see that the project is spread out over a large expanse—approximately 2,000 kanal. For now, this land will be sectioned into 900 plots. You may be wondering as to the size of the plots being offered; residential plots are to be cut into 5-marla and 10-marla properties. Apart from this, commercial plots will comprise of 8 and 16-marla plots. As per the master plan map, the developers have allocated land for recreational activities, educational institutions as well as healthcare facilities and hotels.

Let’s discuss Park View City’s floor plan.  The master plan reveals that the project expands over 600 kanals. This is significantly smaller than the 2,000 kanal being offered by Islamabad Model Town. The project plans on offering a variety of plot sizes. The whole project is divided into blocks from A to J.

Residential plots:

·         5-marla in blocks A, B, F, J &K,

·         8-marla,

·         10-marla in blocks A, B, F, H, and I

·         1-kanal in blocks B, C, E, F, N and M

·         2-kanal in blocks D and P

Commercial plots:

·         6-marla,

·         8-marla

As an investor thinking about Islamabad Model Town vs Park View City, master plans are a good indicator of what might be the best fit for you.

Permissions and NOC

An important consideration that every investor considers before putting money into a project is whether the project has received permissions and a no-objection certificate from the appropriate bodies. If your project does not have a NOC, it may not receive basic utilities such as water, gas, or electricity.

Perhaps NOC and permissions are the main difference when we think of Islamabad Model Town vs Park View City.

Thinking in terms of Islamabad Model Town vs Park View City, Islamabad Model Town is still in the process of obtaining approval from the CDA. However, they did get approval on their layout. The way investors can benefit from this is as follows: because the layout has been approved it is only a matter of time that the CDA will issue the NOC. For the time being, investors can buy land while the prices are relatively low. Once the NOC is issued, the land is going to increase in value and thus you will get huge returns on your investment.

Now when it comes to the issue of Islamabad Model Town vs Park View City NOC, Park View City has an issued NOC. This was previously cancelled since it was causing inconvenience on Malot Road but after a court hearing, it was restored.

Payment Plans

As we mentioned earlier, one of the most enticing features of Islamabad Model Town is that it offers residents the option of living close to the city centre at extremely cheap rates. This is due mainly to the fact that it has not been issued a NOC yet. Click here for a detailed payment plan of Islamabad Model Town.

Thinking of Islamabad Model Town vs Park View City Park View City is quite affordable compared to other housing societies. Booking starts from a 20% down payment and is split into 8 quarterly installments. Click here for more details.

Facilities and Amenities

Whether a client is going to invest in your project is contingent on what kind of facilities you are able to provide for them—how are you raising their standard of living? Luckily, both Islamabad Model Town and Park View City offer a host of attractive amenities. Read on to find out who comes out on top: Islamabad Model Town vs Park View City.

Park View City is offering its residents a gated community with stringent security standards, shopping complexes, a mosque, land allocated to parks and other natural habitats, a food street as well as a mini-zoo. Park View City amenities also include a food street and the Capital’s first IMAX theatre.

Islamabad Model Town amenities include state-of-the-art gyms, healthcare facilities, parks as well as educational institutes and hospitals. The project has also set aside land to construct places of worship including mosques, churches, and temples. The project will include a banking square for the convenience of their residents. These are the main differences in amenities when considering investing.

Looking for more information on these two housing project giants, or for someone to help guide you on this dilemma: Islamabad Model Town vs Park View City? Visit Makeen Marketing’s website or get in touch with our seasoned real estate agents.

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