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In October 2020, the Capital Development Authority, otherwise known as CDA, has sealed up to 10 offices site offices of illegal housing societies in Islamabad. Moreover, development and construction functions of these illegal housing societies have put to a halt under the amendments in ICT Zoning Regulations of 1992.

Over the years, the real estate market has seen a spring of illegal housing societies in Islamabad—many investors may not even know that the housing society they are putting money into is not CDA approved.  Experts at Makeen Marketing are here to make sure your investments are secure. Below are a few notorious illegal housing societies in Islamabad. But before we dive into those, lets find out what makes an illegal housing society illegal.

What Constitutes an Illegal Housing Society in Islamabad?

What Constitutes an Illegal Housing Society in Islamabad?

An Illegal housing society is one that does not seek approval from the municipal organization overseeing real estate construction and development. In the case of Islamabad this establishment would be the Capital Development Authority.

Typically, housing projects that acquire the approval of the of either the CDA or the RDA, CDA’s Rawalpindi counterpart, are considered to be legal schemes. Those that do not acquire the NOC and other formalities make up the illegal housing societies in Islamabad.

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Ghouri Town (All Phases in Zone 4 and 5)

Ghouri Town (All Phases in Zone 4 and 5)

This society has been in the public eye recently since CDAs declaration of its illegality. This may come as a shock since this Town is considered by may as fully functional—housing nearly 150,000 families. However, if you glance over the layout of this town, it is clear that the plan is never something CDA would approve of.  

All phases in Zones 4 and 5 of Ghouri Town have been declares illegal on grounds that the plans did not account for recreational spaces such as parks and playgrounds, educational institutions, places of worship as well as hospitals, graveyards, and amenity plots. This unavailability of proper land is a running theme in illegal housing societies in Islamabad.

The developers of the Town have been issued a notice to cease marketing and booking activities.

National Police Foundation (PWD Road)

National Police Foundation (PWD Road)

The Foundation makes our list if illegal housing societies in Islamabad since its NOC and layout plan was cancelled by the CDA after the society was caught selling more plots than it has land. This was done in 2011, back with the National Accountability Bureau also began their investigation into the illegal sale of these plots in the Police Foundation.

Those residents who want to construct their homes in the society have been barred from doing so since the cancellation of the NOC.

Pakistan Town (Phase 2)

Pakistan Town (Phase 2)

One of the schemes contributing to the mushrooming of illegal housing societies in Islamabad is Pakistan Town.  In 2018, the Planning Wing of the CDA found that many schemes in zone 2, 4 5 did not meet standards set by the organization in that they had never applied for registration nor the NOC. One of these schemes was Pakistan Town’s phase 2.

Bahria Enclave-I (Kurri Road)

Bahria Enclave-I (Kurri Road)

Bahria Enclave is a thought to be a large, and respectable housing society by many. Thus, it comes as a shock that it is considered one of the illegal housing societies in Islamabad. In late 2018, CDA issued this scheme a notice, adhering to section 49-C of the CDA Ordinance. This notice demanded that the housing society forfeit 510 kanal and 6 marla to the CDA. An investigation carried out by the CDA found that Bahria Enclave-I, near Kurri road, had illegal possession of 510 Kanal 6 marla.

Muslim Town (Simly Dam Road, Zone 4)

Muslim Town (Simly Dam Road, Zone 4)

The CDA added Muslim Town, in Zone 4, as one of the illegal housing societies in Islamabad in 2017. As you may recall from our section on Pakistan Town, there were numerous housing schemes who has simply not sought NOC approval or any other form of development permissions from the Capital Development Authority and thus are to CDA approved.

Muslim Town falls within the Zone 4 housing schemes also with Doctors Enclave Iqbal town and Burma town. All of which had not acquired permission from the CDA before construction and development.

Doctors Enclave (Simly Damn Road, Zone 4)

Doctors Enclave (Simly Damn Road, Zone 4)

As we mentioned earlier, Zone 4 seems to have become somewhat of a hot spot for illegal housing societies in Islamabad.  Doctors Enclave s situated at the same area where 60 housing societies were declared illegal including three that have made our list: Muslim Town, Ghouri Town and Bahria Enclave-I (at Kurri Road).

Just like in the case of Muslim Town, Doctors Enclave was given its illegal status because of the fact that it simply did not register with CDA.

Arcadia City Housing Scheme (Zone 3)

Arcadia City Housing Scheme (Zone 3)

The CDA declared Arcadia City as an illegal housing society in Islamabad in 2014. It issued a public notice asking investors to hold off booking plots in the housing scheme as the housing scheme was not construction or development permission.

According to the ICT Zoning Regulation of 1992, no residential projects should be developed in Zone 3. Since Arcadia City is in direct violation of this, it is not CDA approved.

Another notice has been issued to this illegal housing scheme in Islamabad to cease all advertisement, booking and sales procedures.

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