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One must give credit to Nova City Islamabad for creating a lot of talks, not only when it was first unveiled. But also when it was shrouded in Rawalpindi Ring Road controversy clouds. There are various housing societies near the New Islamabad International Airport, but none can match the buzz created by Nova City Islamabad. This will be a lengthy article that will provide you with all of the information you require regarding this housing scheme in Islamabad. Including all of its advantages and disadvantages.

Now, let’s get down to business.

Meaning of Nova — Rising Star or New City?

This Latin word Nova signifies a new city. That is what the developers of Nova City want to accomplish. They plan to build a whole new metropolis in the Fateh Jang vicinity after the success of their last project, New City Taxila. The second meaning of the term Nova is rising star. They want Nova City Islamabad to be known as a prominent housing society in the twin cities. Developers of Nova City are aiming to outperform competitors that have been on the market for years. They hope to give residents a better quality of life. The Nova City logo, like its name, is unique and depicts the concept of a new city that will rise to prominence in the future.

Whereabouts of This Housing Society — Nova City Location


Nova City map shows that the location is adjacent to the CPEC route and close to the new Islamabad International Airport. Its main entrance is on the Bongo Kanial road, which leads to the Bongo and Kanial rural areas—small adjacent settlements. In front of the proposed Rawalpindi Ring Road, the second gate of the Nova City housing scheme is planned. It will connect this housing society to all important roadways heading to Rawalpindi urban areas.

So, we can claim that Nova Islamabad has a premium position that will give a significant push for future expansion. The Nova City developers promise that inhabitants will find living in Nova City Islamabad to be quite convenient. And the Nova City address will ensure a seamless link both internally and externally. In other words, people can reach the site both from outside and within the city.

Neighbors of Nova City Islamabad and Important Routes


  • It is no small feat for a housing society to get its own interchange on a main corridor like the CPEC. It has an impact on the market rates and demand of the community. As a result, the good news is that Nova City Islamabad now has its own CPEC interchange.
  • The New Islamabad International Airport is only around a 21-minute drive away. The proximity to the airport increases demand for the plots of the project, which are selling like hotcakes. They will sell out quickly, and you will be sorry you did not invest sooner.
  • Place your vehicle on the Srinagar highway, pass through the Eighteen Housing Society. On the left is the M2 motorway, which leads to Lahore. However, continue straight on the airport road. Mumtaz City, PECHS, Top City, University Town, Gandhara City, and the Airport Green Gardens may all be found along this path. You will then proceed to Fateh Jang Road. You will pass through Al Faisal Town, Shalimar Town, Fazia Cooperative Housing Society, T&TECHS F-17, ICHS Town Islamabad, and the Life Residence on this road.

    The CPEC road from here will take you straight to Nova City Islamabad. The difference between Zero Point till here is roughly 36 kilometers that can be covered within 35-40 minutes. The construction happening on the roads and previous projects in the area can lengthen your journey by a few minutes.

  • Because the Fateh Jang Road is a single road with a lot of traffic, you can take the Airport Road to Mumtaz City, then take PECHS to Life Residence to CPEC Service Road from Mumtaz City. Then you will arrive in Nova City Islamabad. It is a lot speedier and more efficient route.
  • Nova City Islamabad to F-10, the drive is 25 minutes long, and Nova City to G-11/G-13 is a 15-minute drive.
  • Once completed, the Nova City Islamabad would have access to Kohat, Dera Ismail Khan, Peshawar, Swabi, and Lahore.
  • The Lahore-Islamabad M-2 motorway also provides convenient access, making it even more appealing to residents and investors.
  • Another advantage of its position is that the picturesque Kheri Moorat National Park, which spans almost 8600 acres, is only a few kilometers away.


Who Will Be Working On This Projects? — Nova City Developers


The developers of Nova City may not have provided the real estate industry with a slew of projects under their umbrella. But one thing is definite; the projects they presented to their investors are noteworthy. New City Wah Cantt is a successful project by Nova City developers, located near the Brahma Bahter interchange M-1 and GT road Wah Cant.

The famed Nova Public School franchise is, likewise, administered by the Nova City developers.

For its building and development activities, Nova City has partnered with Maaksons Engineering Corporation Ltd. This well-known company in Islamabad has several projects to its credit, including Gulberg Islamabad, Penta Square in Phase V, DHA, Lahore, and the Diplomatic Enclave Islamabad.


What Is the Legal Status of Nova City Islamabad — Nova City NOC


Even the people who do not have to invest in real estate question if the housing society has a no-objection certificate. After all of the hype surrounding this project, Nova City Islamabad NOC aroused some eyebrows.

Let’s get this straightened out for you.

TMA has assessed the Nova City file tracking process, which gives this society even more legitimacy.

The society has already gotten PP1 authorization, meaning that the Nova City NOC would be in management’s hands soon.

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What Is the Cost of Each Plot in This Society? — Nova City Payment Plan

Are you looking to purchase a plot in this housing society? The experts at Makeen Marketing have devised the Nova City payment plan for you. As one of the Nova City dealers, Makeen Marketing can acquire and sell plots here. The pre-launch rates in Nova City are comparable to the market price, and you will find them to be reasonable. The Nova City housing society in Islamabad offers a variety of residential plot sizes, including 5 Marla, 10 Marla, 01 Kanal, and 02 Kanal plots.

The pricing listed below as ‘new rates’ are for the pre-launch of Nova City Islamabad. Also included in these rates are development fees.

*The Nova City file for sale prices have not announced publicly yet.

Nova City New Rates Vs Old Rates


Using the infographics attached below, we will compare the Nova City new rates and old rates. According to the most recent Nova City updates, the previous pricing for a 5 Marla plot was PKR 1,995,000. These prices have been raised, and the new rates are PKR 2,475,500. When we compare both prices, there is only a PKR 480,500 difference. It means that, despite the increase, the Nova City Islamabad rates remain low and affordable.

You may be asking how these prices will benefit you. The answer is that you will get a guaranteed profit of PKR 480,500 if you acquired a 5 Marla plot in Nova City Islamabad before this price increase. The following is a summary of the Nova City Islamabad payment plan:

  • Old Rate for 5 Marla Plot for sale in Nova City: PKR 1,995,000.
  • New Rate after increase: PKR 2,475,500.

Old Rates


nova city old rates


 New Rates


nova city new rates


 Amenities Offered at Nova City Islamabad


Nova City housing project is being developed to provide residents with a comfortable quality of life at the most suitable Nova City plots prices.

Nova City Islamabad now has a number of amenities. Some of them are as follows:

  • Wide roads allow traffic to move smoothly.
  • Sports complex to encourage youngsters to stay physically active.
  • The zoo at Nova City will be the best one of the zoos in Rawalpindi.
  • Bird aviary for educational purposes of the students.
  • Nova City Public School aims to redefine educational practices in Pakistan and produce the best students possible.
  • Nova health care facilities will ensure the residents are healthy.
  • Nova City commercial plots promote a safe shopping experience for the residents.
  • Family spots allow families to spend quality time together.
  • Residents of Nova City Islamabad will be able to leave their homes in complete safety, even at midnight.
  • The bowling alley at Nova City housing society will promote bowling in Islamabad.
  • In order to avoid any sort of inconvenience, electricity is made available 24/7.
  • The housing society promises to provide its residents with the best Nova City internet services.

Nova city Features


Nova City Booking Process


The Nova City booking process is one of the easiest. As the authorities of Nova City Islamabad kept the convenience of the investors in mind. Follow these steps to book your Nova City plot.

We will gladly help in booking a residential plot in Nova City housing society. To take advantage of the discount offer on plot purchases, contact our agents or fill out the form on our website. The discount varies depending on the plot size and the number of plots a customer wishes to book in Nova City.

An investor must pay a 10% down payment on the plot they wish to purchase. If an investor wishes to buy a Nova City 5 Marla plot, he must pay a 10% down payment amounting to PKR 247550.
The confirmation charges are the same as the down payment. After the down payment, you will have to pay a further PKR 247550.

Then, to take possession of your plot, you must pay 40 monthly installments.

Documents Required for Nova City Plot Reservation

  • Copies of the front and back of a computerized national identity card.
  • The front and back copy of CNIC of the next of kin.
  • 1 passport-sized photograph of the person wishing to purchase the plot.
  • Receipt of down payments and confirmation fees.
  • To book the Nova City files, you will require the same documents.


Nova City Bank Account Details for Payments

Make your payments in the JS bank to book your plot.

  • Account name: Nova City Developers
  • IBAN number: PK28 JSBL 9156 0000 0170 8270
  • NTN number: 8212643-8


 What Does This Rising Star’s Future Hold?

Nova City Islamabad is a prospective investment destination due to its affordable rates and enabling atmosphere. The Nova City housing scheme is expected to deliver shortly, and individuals interested in investing will find it straightforward to do so and generate returns swiftly. According to the most recent Nova City updates, prices will shortly climb due to increased demand. So, with a small initial investment, get your hands on the Nova City plots and reap abnormal gains following this price increase and in the future.

The CPEC would provide Nova City with unprecedented advantages. The introduction of this route crossing from the Fateh Jang neighborhood alone drew several housing societies to the area. Existing ones saw an increase in their rates. A similar thing happened with Nova City Islamabad. Its popularity surpassed expectations, and despite the fact that it is still in the pre-launch period, many individuals have reserved plots in Nova City.

The water shortage means the power shortage as well. So to overcome this, Pakistan built some small dams. One of these dams is Rama Dam Fateh Jang. This dam is currently near the Nova City Islamabad, following land allotment to several housing communities. The water from this dam can be available to Nova City in the future and can be used for drinking, hydroelectric power generation, and irrigation. So, Nova City residents will not encounter any water or power shortages. Besides, there is another dam close to Nova City: Sipala Dam. The presence of these dams raises the underground water level in the region. As a result, the boring can also offer dwellers water.


Nova City Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Question 1: What is Nova City?

Answer: The newest real estate society, Nova City Fateh Jang, is being developed in the heart of Islamabad. It has attracted a lot of attention not only because it offers a wide range of amenities at reasonable prices. But also because of the ideal Nova City location.

Question 2: Who are the developers of Nova City Islamabad?

Answer:  Nova City is a project of Nova City developers Islamabad fundamentally and independently. They took on many projects to delivering the industry, like apartments, shopping malls, commercial malls, housing societies. Nova City Islamabad can attract many potential customers all across the country. More developments, such as Nova Farms, Nova Orchards, and Nova Farms, are planned by the developers of Nova City. Lahore and Peshawar are on the radar of the developers as well.

Question 3: Has the Nova City NOC been approved? What is the legal status of the project?

Answer: According to our sources, the housing society is still in its pre-launch stage. It means there is still some time before it can gain its NOC status. But we can assure you that they are going through all of the proper channels and are thus on the right track to obtaining legal status.

Question 4: How is Nova City Islamabad different from other contemporary housing projects?

Answer: The thing that sets Nova City Islamabad apart from other housing societies in the federal capital is its location. Another fact to consider is that it is redefining real estate in Pakistan by offering top-notch facilities.

Question 5: What is the development status of the housing society?

Answer: The Nova City development and construction were in full swing. But, at the time, Nova City was embroiled in the Rawalpindi Ring Road controversy. Some media sources published articles critical of the project without first checking with Nova City owners. So, the Nova City owners had to concentrate on refuting each and every accusation and defending itself in every judicial process. Now that things have calmed down a bit, construction is likely to begin soon. Contact the Nova City helpline for further information on its progress. The Nova City contact number will be available on their website.

Question 6: Why should I invest in Nova City Islamabad?

Answer: As an investor, you should be looking for returns on investment (ROI). Fortunately, Nova City Islamabad can reap high profits. The housing society attracts investors from all walks of life, including those with low to moderate incomes and affluent backgrounds.

Question 7: Where is Nova City located?

Answer: Nova City Islamabad location is perhaps our favorite thing about the housing society. The Nova City developers and owners chose a strategic location. It is only a few minutes from the Islamabad International Airport and the CPEC highway.

Question 8: Is Nova City School located within Nova City?

Answer: Nova City School is one of the successful ventures by the Nova City developers. The Nova City School location, however, is not in this new venture. It is in Wah Cantt, New City. The Nova City School offers high-quality education that matches the international standards.
It can be compared to any other elite school in Pakistan. The school in New City Taxila has a large building that can accommodate hundreds of students and provides the necessary facilities for their growth. Talking about the Nova City School fee structure, you can check that in detail on the Nova City official website.

Question 9: How is Nova City School different from other schools in Islamabad? 

Answer: The Nova City School Wah Cantt is everything that the educational institutes in Pakistan are not. The Nova City school focuses on the character building of the growing students. The school does not aim to make students memorize everything. It wants to make them stand out. In one of his interviews, the chairman of Nova City Islamabad mentioned that robotics is taught to children starting in grade 5. It is expected that the students of Nova City School are going to contribute to robotics in Pakistan. Since the first day of school, entrepreneurship has been a component of their curriculum.

Question 10: Does Nova City offer farmlands?

Answer: If you’ve ever been to the Nova City location, you’ll notice that the terrain there is entirely agricultural. The wheat grows on the fields of the villagers. As a result, the potential of Nova City farms is ensured. The Nova City developers intend to launch a new project called Nova Farms. This project will only consist of farmland. These farms have the potential to be profitable in both the short and long term. These farms might generate rental income for the owner. Alternatively, he can grow his produce for resale and raise livestock.

Question 11: Why hasn’t Maakson started the Nova City Development?

Answer: The deal with the Maaksons Engineering Corporation Ltd. was announced by the Nova City owner, but development activity has yet to begin. It has sparked a lot of interest. The answer to all of the questions is that signing a contract and then planning and putting that contract into action are two completely different things. Maakson will undoubtedly plan and construct this society. Time will be required for the brainstorming process and the gathering of all financial and other resources. However, the work will begin soon!


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