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One Capital Residences

As a kid we only fantasize how it feels when individuals live in extravagant apartments. After much fantasizing and sitting tight for ideal apartments Capital smart city got one that is reasonable for your requirements and satisfies yourecpectations. A luxurious space loaded with first rate conveniences and administrations is a fantasy for the vast majority of us. Who doesn’t need an extensive home with a lovely viewpoint, present day engineering, and heaps of solace? An extravagance apartment is a kind of loft that is expected to furnish its tenant with higher-than-normal degrees of solace, quality, and comfort.

On the off chance that you are enamored with extravagance, solace, and magnificence, this article will certainly intrigue you as we are discussing extravagance condos, the ideal private choice for individuals who look for quality and solace.

One Capital Residences is introduced with the idea of changing land into an artistic work, which will be the reason why each venture of the capital smart city will be dealt with like a figure which is formed by every client’s needs and demands. One Capital Residences is a warm greeting to a Smart lifestyle. This project is located at a spotlight of the city’s vibrant life with very ideal location of  I-Sector as well as close to the posterior of the Mosque of C-Sector in Capital Smart City. Subsequently, it addresses a huge progression in expectations for everyday comforts. It gives a dream of living in a normal landscape, with such great vistas as these. Capital smart city one of the best projects in history is bringing a new high-rise project with many unique. Capital Smart City isn’t just about building homes, it manufactures fascinating, value-added, pro-organized networks dwelling a gigantic number of families who are participating in a complete living encounter.  Amidst natural topography, it offers you a dream lifestyle in such heavenly views. Surrounded by Crystal Lake, it is a fine blend of residential, commercial, and tourism all at once.

In parallel to Capital Smart City’s vision, it is using modern technology to optimize efficiency & services. Uplift your lifestyle with One Capital Residences in Capital Smart City. Planned with a local idea to give exceptional facilities to its occupants, it has presented new benchmarks for local area improvement. Furthermore, the consideration regarding subtleties guarantees that every single possible convenience and administration is accessible which was unfathomable in Pakistan. The One Capital Residences building is a state-of-the-art illustration of engineering in the 21st hundred years. It has all that you might actually require in a contemporary home alongside the Smart functionalities. Book our most superior condo, a terrific highest level two-room loft with clearing perspectives on the capital city Islamabad, and get an inside plan from our elite fashioners Design and modify your ideal home – from creator couches, rich element dividers to extravagance light fittings – and move straight into your originator condo, prepared to unwind With this overall standard home, your objective of claiming a Villa is a reality. Arquivio Architects, a Madrid-based architectural company, designed the project. Dr. Daniel Fraile, the lead architect of Arquivio Architects, is in charge of the project. Capital smart city has set major standards among the majority regarding what genuine extravagance living is as per worldwide guidelines. It’s an extraordinary blend of private, business, and vacation spots since it’s encircled by Crystal Lake. It is involving contemporary advancements to further develop effectiveness and administrations as per the Capital Smart City idea. One Capital Residences  budget-friendly to high-end apartments, the apartment communities include many amenities, allowing you to feel connected and fulfilled. Whether you’re looking for something inside the city or far away from the hustle and bustle of the crowd, we are sure you will be able to find your future home in our collection of

This Project incorporates each of the features and conveniences important to meet the models of a “Smart city” In request to make a brilliant local area, key speculation, metropolitan preparation as well as life cycle resource the executives are fundamental. A capital smart city located in the heart of Islamabad now bringing a better opportunity for citizens to have more and more chances to get the best investment opportunity and make their money grow. The division has its own group of craftsmen, plumbing staff, electric staff, sewerage cleaners and so on which are only one summon for the inhabitants and offer help for nothing. They additionally guarantee that every single public region and conveniences are kept up with and are in their best circumstances consistently.

One Capital Residences Islamabad Master Plan

Parking spaces On the off chance that you decide on an extravagance apartment, you don’t need to stress over parking spots. Every one of the apartment accompany covered stopping regions and carports. A few condos likewise have joined parking spots, making it more helpful for you to leave your vehicle. One Capital Residences has it all: huge apartments with personal balconies, fashionable duplexes designed for families, and a landscaped courtyard that will break out all of it without having to break out in any respect because that’s what your area needs to experience.

A sanctuary. A retreat. A secret region on an active street. A calming place with lots of areas. Modern touches and enjoyable tones. Different facilities in this area include variety of apartments in One Capital Residences includes:

  • 260 studio apartments
  • 914 one bed apartments
  • 422 two bed apartments
  • 80 3 bed apartments
  • 10 two bed duplex
  • 14 three bed duplex
  • 4 bed duplex


Best features of One Capital Residences includes a counterfeit area of water for swimming (swimming pools), an entry or way for strolling along particularly a raised way associating various segments of a structure or a wide way in a recreation area or nursery (walkways) , a store that principally retails a general scope of food items, which might be new or bundled(a large grocery) , where individuals pay to sit and eat dinners that are cooked and served anywhere nearby. (Restaurants), and a cafe or other establishment that serves coffee and other refreshments. (Coffee houses) an assembly of any combination of video, audio, or photographic recording devices installed for purposes of surveillance or recording of activity occurring at the qualified residence. (Surveillance and security), fabricate a green landscape to save water and protect the environment (landscape of greenery), to guarantee a completely safe climate that is liberated from harassing/mental provocation, savagery or danger of viciousness. Continuous power supply, Gas and electricity connections, Heating and cooling systems, yoga centers , Indoor pools, Walk-in closets ,Parks and Spacious parking



Accordingly, an ecologically feasible framework might be fabricated. The sheer scale, coordinated operations, and nature of this a-list project are beyond anything encountered by Pakistan previously. 70% of green spaces are selected unequivocally to drive the eco-obliging procedure. Amusement parks and young people’s wild rec focuses are incorporated. As well as you’ll find a wide gathering of individuals organizing in collaborating spaces. On the One Capital Residences property, there are an additional 30,000 square feet of water surface. Occasion assemblies and young people’s wild rec focuses are combined. Rides, a flexible track, and a running track are open at the city’s focal park. Features of this project are Restaurants  are vital in the existence of every one of us; a considerable lot of us resort to feasting in cafés in light of the defer outside the home or the need to break the everyday practice of the day to day routine and taste new food varieties and flavors.


We as a whole had an exceptional impression of a portion of the eateries we visited  coffee shops, food courts, Retail shop deals in the sales of goods and products from individual or business to the end client. Retailers are essential for an incorporated framework called the production network. A retailer buys merchandise and items in enormous amounts from producers straightforwardly or through a distributor and afterward offers more modest amounts to the buyer for a benefit. Which will not only benefit our clients but also generate employment and eradicate unemployment, supermarkets, and fitness centers. Whether you’re looking for something inside the city or far away from the hustle and bustle of the crowd, we are sure you will be able to find your future home in our collection of finely selected apartments.

Capital Residences Accessibilities

Step in a World of revolutionary extravagance, famous plan, complex materials, material delight. The experience starts in the Lounge, where a complex and snazzy climate stirs your faculties. Enter one of the sophisticated apartments and begin feeling comfortable from the absolute first second. Floor to roof glass exteriors and staggered overhangs permit a lot of daylight in each room, while highlight backdrops underline their lively character Taking use of One Capital Residences allows you to increase your company’s productivity while also taking advantage of the surrounding natural beauty. There were 90,000 square feet of well-developed serviced offices. There will be the well-developed serviced offices. Get the chance to grow your company to new heights with fast internet.

  • Open area for serviced offices
  • The meeting room
  • Various and distinct workplaces
  • Complexity of the Commercial Sector

30% of the land will be used for the Residential Apartments from 287 Kanal land. As well as set out for retail, leisure, and entertainment purposes alone. Everything from restaurants to supermarkets can be found in this modern neighborhood. Listed below are some of the featured complex’s specifications.

  • Therefore, the location & accessibility of the One Capital Residence or makes your investment precious as well as comfortable living for you and your family.
  • Located in Capital Smart City
  • Almost 39 min drive away from Adiala Road
  • Almost 13 min drive away from Chakri Road
  • Almost 51 min drive away from M-1 Motorway
  • Almost 32 min drive away from M-2 Motorway
  • Almost 31 min drive away from Chakri Interchange
  • Almost 43 min drive away from Islamabad International Airport


Why To invest In One Capital Residences

The structure’s private segment has 1738 homes. It is housed in a wonderful structure and is an enjoyment to see. Take in the perspective on Crystal Lake as well as Margalla Hills from the overhang of your home. As well as One Capital Residences offers named to the condos in a different way; Silver ringer, Daisy, Oleander, Emerald, Jade including Service Apartments. Residents of Islamabad may expect to enjoy a unique living experience at an affordable price because to the city’s multi-purpose development. A team of engineers, architects, and other personnel with years of expertise has developed it.

One Capital Residential Apartment costs start from 10,500 square ft. as well as they are making arrangements for the undertaking’s in a manner that the; local area to empower financial backers ensure they’re getting a fair plan and to reassure they in regards to the One Capital Residences project. We’re expecting for the best concerning cost from Capital Smart City, since they’re known for giving their financial backers the most monetary choices. The total installment plan will be authoritatively sendoff very soon. These condos are supposed to be the more affordable over the Silver Oaks as well as Dean Apartments.

Due to its inexpensive payment plan for families and small investors, One Capital Residencies is an excellent choice for first-time homebuyers. Because of this, there is a greater opportunity for high-yielding investments.

On the off chance that you’re searching for a new method for moving toward life, you’ll think that it is here One Capital Residences a project of Capital smart city.


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