Real estate has always played an important role in Pakistan Tourism Ranking whether it is Pakistan or any other country of the world. Many countries out there in the world are totally based on tourism and their economies only lie on tourism sector. Talking about our country, Pakistan is one of the topmost tourist destinations in the world. With its extravagant and diverse land types Pakistan has always been one of the major attractions for people within and outside the country.

With its rich cultures and diversity, Pakistan is one of a kind country where people come to visit to learn its culture, try out its delicacies and to travel across it. Moreover, PM Imran Khan has also advised to work for the betterment and enhancement of the tourism sector of Pakistan and Pakistan Tourism Ranking. The country also very much depends on its tourism sector; however, things have started to change. Real estate has started playing a major role in Pakistan tourism. All the information regarding the Role of Real Estate in Pakistan Tourism is provided in this article.

Pakistan Tourism Ranking

Pakistan Tourism Ranking

From the high Northern ends to the low ends of the South, the land of Pakistan offers rich cultures, adventures, nature, and excitement. In 2010 Pakistan was quoted as “the next big thing” by Lonely Planet. This further played a role in the Pakistan Tourism Ranking. Due to the ethnic and rich culture of Pakistan the tourism sector has gained massive popularity among the top travelers, youtubers, bloggers, and vloggers of the world.

People from all around the world come to this beautiful country just to visit the breath-taking sites of the northern regions. These regions include the world’s second highest peak of the world, the historical places, and many more including the beautiful and lush green valleys.

Pakistan Tourism Ranking is also strong because it is the best holiday vacation destination for 2020. The country has so much potential and a major portion of its GDP is made by its tourism sector. The tourism sector was greatly effected by the security threats but as these issues were resolved tourism took a major boost of 300% and the country allowed visa services for 175 countries of the world and over 50 countries were allowed visa on arrival.

Role of Blue World City Islamabad in Tourism

Role of Blue World City Islamabad in Tourism

Makeen Marketing Pvt Ltd is marketing the changing trend of tourism sector in Pakistan. The role of Blue World City Islamabad in the changing trends of Pakistan Tourism Ranking is quite important. Recently real estate has made quite shifts and changes in the tourism sector. Well we can also quote it as the contributions of real estate towards this sector.

Blue World City Islamabad is based on two things. The first is tourism which is the reflection of the project consisting replicas of the topmost tourist destinations from around the globe. These attractions include Blue Mosque, Burj al Arab, Horse Mascot, and many more.

The second is modernism which is reflected by the fact that the project is built on international standards. All the necessities that people from not just Pakistan but for the people from any part of the world would require to live a normal, exciting, and healthy daily life. Both these characteristics of Blue World City Islamabad lay the ground for it being an attractive tourist destination. This project is raked as the first ever and topmost tourist destination for tourists to visit in Pakistan. The project is built on the purpose to attract foreign tourists and investors to invest in it.

Future of Tourism in Pakistan

Future of Tourism in Pakistan

Tourism sector of Pakistan and Pakistan Tourism Ranking has grown so much and yet still is growing. Societies like Blue world City Islamabad have been changing the trend and thus contributing towards this sector. Such societies are increasing the number of tourist destinations and in return will attract more and more tourists to Pakistan.

This also contributes to the massive increase in foreign investments in Pakistan in the real estate sector. The more foreign investments in Pakistan the more popular it will become, and the more people will tend to visit this country to witness the beautiful and exquisite creation of God.

In the end, it all depends on how we think and how much we as an individual contribute towards the development of the tourism sector. As a responsible citizen of this country, it is our duty and patriotic spirit that motivates us to do everything within our power to improve the living standards and stand out as the best county in the world. So such thing must be done to secure the future of tourism in Pakistan and Pakistan Tourism Ranking.

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