The already highly sought-after Blue World City housing project just got even better. In September of 2020, the Punjab Chief Minister gave the green signal for the construction of the Rawalpindi Ring Road.

The government is said to have allocated approximately Rs. 50bn for the construction of this road project. The Rawalpindi Ring Road will extend from G.T. Road and will pass through Chak Baley Khan, Meera Bharta, Chak Khas, Laila Kamalpar as well as KiraKhord and Mira Kalan.

It is said that the project will take around 2 ½ years to complete and is being built with the aim of reducing traffic in Rawalpindi. Another outcome of its construction would be the decentralization of the meat and vegetable markets in the city.

However, the construction of the Rawalpindi Ring Road could mean great things from a real estate perspective.  Since its construction will help promote the integration of the twin cities, housing societies stand to gain a lot from the Rawalpindi Ring Road project.

One such housing project is Blue World City. Read on to find out 3 ways majors Rawalpindi Ring Road elevates the status of this burgeoning housing project.

Rawalpindi Ring Road Offers More Accessibility

Rawalpindi Ring Road Offers More Accessibility

According to the Rawalpindi Ring Road map, the project is said to expand over 65.6 kilometers starting from the N-5 National Highway, passing through M2 Islamabad-Lahore Motorway, and finally merging with Margalla Road in Islamabad.

Essentially, this means that the residents of Blue World City will have ease of access to all these areas. We mentioned earlier that the Rawalpindi Ring Road will integrate the twin cities— this will surely help Blue World City become a sensible investment opportunity for investors from both cities. This greater connectivity is beneficial not only to the residents of the new city but will also play a crucial role in uplifting the economic status of these areas.

Developing a Business Hub Along Ring Road

Developing a Business Hub Along Ring Road

To add to the previous point, RDA has recently ratified 10 economic zones to be set up along the Rawalpindi Ring Road. This step was taken in an effort to bolster the business community. The setting up of Special Economic Zones (SEZs) will include educational institutes, shopping complexes, as well as industrial and commercial zones.

These burgeoning zones will be easily accessible to the residents of Blue World City as places of work, commerce, and recreation as well. In addition to this, the China Pakistan Economic Corridor is providing this region with impetus for commercial growth and international investment is expected to bring a positive change. The regions around CPEC corridor with experience an economic boost and certainly result in providing jobs to the people of Pakistan. Blue World City is one example of this growth that is expected to materialize even further and provide even more progress to the region. Therefore, investing in Blue World City city means that you are actually investing in the CPEC corridor that is suppose to play the role of a bridge between China and the rest of the world.

A Rise in Real Estate Value

A Rise in Real Estate Value

Because of the economic prosperity that is said to follow the construction of Rawalpindi Ring Road, the surrounding real estate is expected to see a rise in value. Investors who have already purchased plots in Blue World City will see a sharp increase in their ROIs in the next couple of years.

Thus, even if you do not plan on taking up residency in the housing project, you can resell your property at a large profit margin.  Currently, the housing project is selling cuttings of 3.5-marla5-marla, 7-marla, and 10-marla plots along with 1 and 2 Kanal plot cuttings. The price range for all these will skyrocket once the Rawalpindi Ring Road is completed.

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