With the Covid19 crisis hitting all sectors of the economy, the rise of real estate in Pakistan was never expected. However, the real estate industry was one that exhibited a different scenario in terms of overall growth. This is something that even the PM Imran Khan had acknowledged, and real estate development was made an important part of the government’s strategy to tackle the devastation caused by the novel coronavirus.

However, the important question that must be addressed is that why did the previous governments not introduce real estate development friendly policies to uplift this sector with such potential. Even the PTI government made this decision after a crisis had affected the government. After witnessing the fruits of a real estate-friendly policy with the rise of real estate  in Pakistan, the PTI government realized this sector’s potential started focusing on real estate development.

This article includes the details regarding the recent rise of real estate in Pakistan after the covid19 crisis

Potential for Rise of Real Estate in Pakistan

Potential for Rise of Real Estate in Pakistan

The real estate sector is currently on the rise with the new construction policies of PM Imran Khan. These new policies have given impetus to the construction sector to grow and provide people with profitable investment opportunities. Therefore, it is important for people to understand the rise of real estate in Pakistan increasing the potential of the real estate sector and how it has completely revolutionized the Pakistani economy.

In addition to this, overseas Pakistani’s have started investing in the real estate sector in order to grow their investment in an exponential manner. This is something that has provided a positive growth factor to the overall economy, and this trend is expected to increase and strengthen with time. Hence, we would recommend all of you to make your investment as soon as possible.

Patwari Culture to Professionalism

Patwari Culture to Professionalism

The real estate sector of Pakistan has been marred by the patwari culture for a very long time. This is something that has greatly hurt the overall image of real estate sector of Pakistani real estate, and investors have therefore been scared to investment. However, in recent times, this patwari system is slowly and gradually fading away and making way for a more professional base for real estate. As a result, the trust of real estate investors on the real estate system in Pakistan has revived and investors are now starting to invest again.

The Future of Pakistani Real Estate

The Future of Pakistani Real Estate

With a number of real estate projects being introduced in the market, the future of real estate looks bright. Projects such as Capital Smart City and Blue World City Islamabad are considered to be the future of real estate in Islamabad, and similar real estate ventures are opening in the rest of the cities in Pakistan as well. Therefore, it is highly recommended that investors make their real estate investment decisions as soon as possible in order to make high profits.

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