Most Expensive Residential Area in Pakistan

Most Expensive Residential Area in Pakistan

Pakistan’s largest city, as well as Pakistan’s richest urban community, has an estimated GDP of $84 billion in 2019. The Walled City, the conspicuous Badshahi and Wazir Khan Mosques, as well as a few Sikh and Sufi sanctuaries, are undeniably situated in the city, which creates an enormous part of Pakistan’s travel industry business. Makeen Marketing has listed the most Expensive Cities to Live in Pakistan.

The least expensive urban communities in Pakistan are many times traced to Punjab because of the lower cost differential rate. As measurable information announced by the National Price Monitoring Committee (NPMC) indicated, Bahawalpur is viewed as the most affordable city with the least amount of 9.25 percent between the market and regional organization rates concerning day-to-day basics.

Likewise, Multan and Lahore have similar cost differential levels of 10.35 and 10.53. Rather, Islamabad has been perceived as an expensive city, with a 19.6 percent gap between the market’s supported valuations.

Most Expensive Residential Area in Islamabad:

The capital of Pakistan, Islamabad is perhaps the most costly city in Pakistan. The cost of land was rarely low here. At first, the old town of Islamabad was more costly than the newly, created areas. Monetarily talking, essential business sectors are much more exorbitant than nearby business sectors. In any case, the costs of houses available to be purchased show the value patterns of private land. Numerous outsiders favor living in the elegant, posh region of the capital. Areas like E-7, F-8, F-7, F-6, F-5, and G-5 include outsider inhabitants. The costs of the previously mentioned areas are high. The region of these plots is additionally bigger like 1, 2, or 4 Kanal houses available to be purchased in these areas. The typical cost of 1 Kanal house available to be purchased in certain areas like E-7, F-7, F-6, and so on begins from 8-9 crore. We have recorded the most costly private areas of Islamabad beneath:

E-7: This area is viewed as the most costly area in Islamabad. It is home to numerous representatives and unfamiliar departments.

F-6: F-6 is viewed as the second most costly area. The area is home to the city’s most costly business sectors Kousar and the Supermarket. This area has three significant streets including Constitution Avenue, Margalla Road, and Seventh Avenue.

F-7: When we look inverse to E-7, we have the eastern business place. Likewise perceived as the third most costly area.

F-8: It contains numerous workplaces and structures for true purposes. Islamabad Kachari is likewise situated in this area. It is positioned as the fourth most costly area.

F-10, F-11: Both these areas on something contrary to Fatima Jinnah Park are to be at number 5. The typical expense of 1 Kanal house available to be purchased in these areas is practically equivalent to having minor contrasts. Notwithstanding, the cost of these two areas is low. The typical expense of 1 Kanal house available to be purchased goes from 5-6 crore. Since Islamabad is among the most costly urban communities in Pakistan, Park View City ends up being the most costly local location in all of Pakistan. The paces of these private plots are:

  • 5 Marla is worth PKR 15,000,000
  • 10 Marla if of PKR 27,500,000
  • 3.5 Marla is of PKR 3,500,000

Most Expensive Residential Area in Rawalpindi:

The city of Rawalpindi is the focal point of all monetary, assembly, and military movements in Pakistan. It is very close to Islamabad. Islamabad and Rawalpindi are viewed as sister urban communities and have a cozy relationship. Ayub National Park, the Army Museum, and the Raja Bazaar are the most popular spots to visit in Rawalpindi.

FDHL is a major Pakistani real estate engineer and resource management firm that guides the development of visionary astute urban communities in order to provide a captivating up-scale way of life as well as productive commitments to its financial backers. Habib Rafiq is an eminent name in Pakistan’s land. He is the engineer of Islamabad’s Bahria and DHA people groups. They’ve additionally settled their own lodging social orders in Sargodha, Multan, and Sahiwal, named Royal Orchard Multan, Royal Orchard Sargodha, and Royal Orchard Sahiwal, separately.

Capital smart city

The Capital Smart City is located in the Rawalpindi Region of Islamabad. The undertaking is located on the eastern course of CPEC, 9.2 kilometers from the M-2 Toll Plaza close to the Thalian exchange on the Lahore-Islamabad Motorway. The New Islamabad International Airport is only 5–6 minutes away. Twenty-eight Islamabad, Lahore Smart City, and Blue World City are a portion of the lodging social orders that are near it. Capital Smart City is the most costly local location in Rawalpindi since it furnishes its occupants with an exceptional and particular living environment, complete with state-of-the-art conveniences. This lodging society would turn into Pakistan’s most memorable Smart City by consolidating present-day innovation and carrying out shrewd elements.

The Taj Residencia has situated on a lavish green space only a little ways from The Centaurus, a little ways from Quaid-e-Azam International Hospital, and a little ways from New Islamabad International Airport. Taj Residencia is situated in Islamabad, lined up with CDA areas I-14 and I-15. It has three ways out, one of which is from the I-14 connection street. There are three doors, one of which is from the I-14 connection course. The subsequent entry is from Lakhu Lane, which prompts the Thalian Interchange motorway M2. The third entry is from the CDA area I-16.

Taj Residencia

Most Expensive Residential Area in Lahore:

The top most expensive local locations in Lahore are the following

Lahore Smart city

Park view city, Lahore

Lahore Smart City contains the most expensive local location in Lahore and, without a doubt, the absolute best. It is an unmatched venture by Future Development Holdings Limited, otherwise called FDHL, and Habib Rafique (Pvt.). The underpinning of this lodging society has been laid with the goal of giving advancement, quietness, and solidity to the residents of Pakistan. Before long, it will end up being the main brilliant city of Lahore and the second in Pakistan after the Capital Smart City.

Lahore smart city

This housing society is situated close to Kala Shah Kaku on the Lahore Bypass. It is helpfully arranged close to the Lahore exchange. The lodging society is effectively accessible from Lahore’s GT Road and the Lahore-Sialkot Motorway. It will likewise have an open course from the Lahore Ring Road. Occupants will actually want to interface the Lahore Smart City Housing Society with the remainder of the city. This LDA-approved lodging society is built in a way that fosters a resilient social atmosphere and gives residents access to a sensual and peaceful community that has the potential to grow into a hub for commercial, recreational, and residential opportunities.

  • Park View City Lahore:

It is the most expensive local location in Lahore as well as the best. Park View Society’s manors have an exquisite inside with point-by-point getting done and more than adequate living space. New vegetation and stupendous reviving situations cover the whole area of manors. 5% of the general land region is committed to green fields and recreational areas. Park View City, Lahore is an optimal area. It is situated on fundamental Multan Street, straightforwardly opposite the DHA EME district. The Thokar Niaz Baig Flyover and Canal Road are only 3 kilometers away. Best of all, Park View City Lahore is effectively available from all parts of the city. The Lahore-Islamabad interstate is only 2 kilometers away. One of the most encouraging housing projects by Vision Groups is viewed as Park View City Lahore. The organizer behind Vision Group is Aleem Khan, a conspicuous individual from Pakistan’s decision party, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI). The Vision Group started making and motivating the domain of land in the year 2012. They figured out how to acquire trustable standing. They have completed a few top-of-the-line land projects in significant urban communities, including Lahore and Islamabad.

Most Expensive Housing Areas in Karachi:

Perceived clinics and schools close to eminent colleges, for example, Indus Valley School of Arts and SZABIST, have an edge when contrasted with different pieces of the city. Clifton includes the ocean side as well as other diversion spots and offices like shopping centers (Park Towers, Forum), parks (Benazir Bhutto Park, Bagh Ibn-e-Qasim), and a few cafés spread broadly across the area. The Brag Basin is the usual home base for Clifton residents as well as all Karachiites. Clifton is one of the greatest yet most seasoned settlements in Karachi. It is most likely accepted that it is the poshest and most tasteful region in all of Karachi. It is the home of famous milestones, for example, the burial chamber of Abdullah Shah Ghazi and Mohatta Palace, close by a piece of Saddar Town. The primary Saddar region lies in the north of Clifton, with the Clifton ocean side lying in the south. Toward the east, we have Gizri town and DHA Karachi, and China Creek in the west. One more principal reason behind this area’s prominence is the easy association with every one of the nearby regions. Significant conduits like Shahrah-e-Firdousi, Khayaban-e-Iqbal, and Zamzama Boulevard give a simple course to Saddar and DHA. It makes navigating through the whole region simple. The advantages of such a region come at a cost. The cost of a 250-yard house in such a region costs around 40 to 60 million rupees.

Lahore Smart City vs. Bahria Town: Best Housing Society in Lahore?

Lahore Smart City vs. Bahria Town: Best Housing Society in Lahore?

You have probably noticed that we frequently compare two of the hot properties of the time in a city. To make the real estate investment decision easy for you.  Here are our picks of the day: Lahore Smart City and Bahria Town Lahore. We’ll compare their locations, payment plans, facilities, NOC, and other variables, as they are crucial factors in the Lahore Smart City vs. Bahria Town discussion.

This comparison will help you to quickly choose which housing society is the best fit for you.


Who Are the Developers and Owners?

The most vital thing to ask is who is behind a project when comparing the best housing society in Lahore. We must examine the developers’ reliability while evaluating these housing societies. Have the developers delivered on their prior promises? Are they committed enough to residents with the best possible facilities? What level of care do the developers have for their investors?

Habib Rafiq Pvt Ltd and FDHL are in charge of developing and floating the smart cities concept in Pakistan. When it comes to dependability and trustworthiness, you can put your faith in both of these companies with closed eyes. These companies have provided top-notch real estate developments in Pakistan over the past 60 years. Both firms’ previous ventures demonstrate how they have revolutionized real estate while keeping the investor’s comfort and concert in mind.

Bahria Town is a brand in itself, on the other hand. The brand name of Bahria alone provides clients a sense of security; after all, Bahria Town has completed numerous successful projects. The developers of Bahria Town have a nationwide network of projects. They have established themselves in Karachi, Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Nawabshah, and Lahore. Each endeavor succeeds more than the one before it.

You can rely on the developers of both of these ventures. Invest in either of the projects and wait for the wonders to happen.


Which Project Has the Most Advantageous Location?


A project is guaranteed to give high returns if it has an ideal location. If you invest in a project with a not-so-desired area, your profits will not be up to your expectations.

The proprietors of Lahore Smart City lifted the curtains to show us where it was located. Far from the congested and highly populated city of gardens, the gates of the smart city welcome people. Pakistan’s second smart city is near the Mehmood Booti and Kala Shah Kaku interchanges. The site of Lahore Smart City is adjacent to the Ring Road of Lahore. The passing of this road from the society’s neighborhood would open this housing society in Lahore to individuals from all across Pakistan.

Whereas the Bahria Town is on the Canal Bank Road Lahore. It is roughly at a distance of 17 kilometers from the city center.


Is Lahore Smart City Easily Accessible Than Bahria Town?


Let’s talk about the convenience and the neighboring housing societies of both the real estate projects in Lahore.

Lahore Smart City is 7 minutes from Shamke Road and 10 minutes from Hardosohal Muslim Road. Besides, it is close to the UET Kala Shah Kaku Campus, the University of Health Sciences, and Rana Town

Bahria Town Lahore, on the other hand, is 45 minutes by road from the airport. The nearest train station is approximately 47 minutes away. Its proximity to Sharif Medical City and Raiwand Road is clearly shown on the map.

To know about Blue World City’s accessibility and other features, click here.



What Type of Lifestyle Can You Expect in Lahore Smart City and Bahria Town?


Bahria Town is thought to be one of the most palatial and profitable housing societies in the country. Although plots in Bahria town are pricey, it provides almost all of the necessities and luxuries to its residents. Bahria Town has raised the bar for the housing societies by providing the lifestyle no one provided before.  For the past several years, it has piqued the interest of both international and domestic investors.

At the same time, the Lahore Smart City location is designed to keep the residents away from the hustle-bustle of the city center. This smart city aimed to give a healthy, sustainable, and eco-friendly lifestyle to the investors. It will soon be the second smart city in Pakistan.


Payment Plans and Plot Cuttings


The payment plan and plot cuttings are other factors that you would need to know about. You need to have complete knowledge about which project will go easy on your pocket with what amount of cuttings.

You should also be aware of the payment plan and plot trims. So that you can assess which projects will be easiest on your wallet and give you a suitable piece of land.

An investor can book their 5 Marla plot in Lahore Smart City, 10 Marla, and 1 Kanal plots in this housing society in Lahore.

Let’s take a look at residential plots in executive plots in the second smart city of Pakistan:

  • 5 Marla for PKR 2,160,000
  • 10 Marla for PKR 3,960,000
  • 1 Kanal for PKR 6,480,000

*The Lahore Smart City payment plan spans over 3.5 years and consists of 14 monthly installments.

The payment plan for Bahria Town differs depending on the area you wish to buy a plot in. The plot cuts are the same way. There are plots available in sizes of 5 Marla, 10 Marla, and 1 Kanal.


Legal Considerations and The Total Land


NOC approval, granting of permissions, or the total land availability is one of the questions that click your mind instantly. If a housing society has a few Kanals of the land but continues to sell plot files, this is a red flag. It is committing fraud.

LDA has cleared 20,000 Kanals of land for Pakistan’s second smart city. The Lahore Smart City NOC signifies that the society has met all of the legal criteria. It is projected to bring in more money. It will protect your money from being stolen since scammers will be limited.

The land of Bahria Town Lahore is extensive, with six sectors and several blocks. The competent authorities have issued Bahria Town Lahore with a valid NOC. Sectors A, B, and C of the LDA have been authorized. As a result, its investors may acquire properties in the community with confidence.

The LDA will shortly approve Sector D, E, and F of Bahria Town Lahore.


Where Should I Live in Lahore?

There is an enumeration of the best housing societies in Lahore. The real estate market has been booming in recent years, and individuals have been pooling their funds to speculate on it. To fulfill the increased demand, developers have bestowed high-quality projects on Lahore’s land. For your convenience, We’ve listed a few things to consider before buying in them


Makeen Marketing can assist you if you’re searching to invest in the Smart City in Lahore right now. Because we are the local authorized dealers of the projects, contact our real estate agents right away! We’ll find you appropriate rates and assist you in securing your Lahore Smart City plot. 





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