Benefits of Investing in Islamabad Model Town’s Location in 2022

Benefits of Investing in Islamabad Model Town’s Location in 2022

Islamabad has been seeing a mushrooming of housing societies. These range from those targeting elite investors, looking for a place that caters to their lavish lifestyle, to those housing societies that aim at catering to the low to middle-income groups.

Aside from finances, one of the most important considerations investors keep in mind is where the housing society is located. No one wants to get stuck living miles away from civilization! That is why experts at Makeen Marketing deem Islamabad Model Town’s location to be ideal.

What is Islamabad Model Town?

What is Islamabad Model Town?

Simply put, Islamabad Model Town is the newest residential venture of the Model Town Project (Pvt) Ltd. Its CEOs are Naveed Imdad and Malik Tahir who have masterfully planned this real estate project. This upcoming housing society is said to be the perfect blend of futurism and modern design.

An interesting fact is that while the company that is sponsoring this development project has created many residential projects all over Pakistan, it is also involved in the construction and development of Islamabad Model Towns neighboring project— the lavish and opulent—Park View City.

Islamabad Model Town offers an array of property types for its investors to choose from. You can purchase residential plots in different cuttings such as 5-marla as well as commercial plots in different plot cuttings. The best part of choosing to invest in Islamabad Model Town is that it offers investors the ease of opting to pay through installments.

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Apart from Islamabad Model Town’s location, another factor that makes this a perfect investment opportunity is the fact that it has such a flexible payment plan. These payment plans are designed to ensure that investors get the maximum returns on their investments. As we mentioned, with the added ease brought on by installment plans, Islamabad Model Town is truly an ideal investment in the Islamabad real estate market.

Going into more detail, the housing society offers a 3-year installment plan that allows for a 10% down payment, as well as a 20% payment to confirm the payment of your plot.

This gated society has promise numerous amenities to its investors including shopping complexes, top-notch healthcare facilities,

Islamabad Model Town’s Location

Islamabad Model Town’s Location

Islamabad Model Town is located in one of the most strategic areas in the federal capital. It is located in heart of the city, just a couple of minutes away from Rawal Chowk and approximately 20 minutes away from the distinguished Serena Hotel.

Moreover, Islamabad Model Town’s location allows it to be in close proximity to the lush hills of Bani Gala. Thus, giving its residents the best of both worlds—being situated between the urban center as well as the serene countryside. The moreover, Islamabad Model Town is connected to Bahria Enclave as well, thus being able to tap into the existing commercial hub in the area.

We were not kidding when we said that Islamabad Model Town’s location was ideal. Read on to find out what kinds of luxuries this location affords the housing project and it is investors.

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Benefits of IMT’s Location

Benefits of IMT’s Location

You may be wondering: what kind of advantage does Islamabad Model Town’s location give it? According to our habituated experts, Islamabad Model Town is in a position to avail of numerous benefits.

The housing society is located on Malot Road, near Bahria Enclave. Its master plan map reveals that the Islamabad Model Town connects with Simly Dam Road via its Main Boulevard. This essentially means Islamabad Model Town’s location offers it greater connectivity to the twin cities via the Simly Dam Road.

Apart from being at a few minute’s distance from Bahria Enclave, the housing society neighbors another esteemed real estate project. This significantly raises the land value of Islamabad Model Town and skyrockets the society’s popularity. It is no surprise that the creation of these three real estate giants will give rise to an economic and commercial hub— something that the residents and investors of these real estate ventures can benefit from.

Moreover, due to it being in such close proximity to Chak Shahzad, the property value of the housing society is even more exalted. It is because of Chak Shahzad that both Islamabad Model Town and Park View City enjoy the position of being integrated with both, the federal capital and Rawalpindi. Moreover, this may even lead to the creation of an economic/ urban bridge between the two cities.

How? Experts at Makeen Marketing believe that a cluster of housing projects in the area will inevitably give rise to commercial complexes to facilitate the needs of residents in the area.

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In addition to all the aforementioned benefits, another perk of Islamabad Model Town’s location is the accessibility to, and the ability to harness waterpower supplied by the Rawal Dam. After 30 odd years, the Capital Development Authority, better known as CDA, has decided to extract 4 million gallons of water from the Dam. This will greatly alleviate the water issues experienced by areas all over the federal capital.

The benefits we have highlighted in this article are solid reasons as to why this up and coming housing society will go far in the Islamabad real estate market.

The fact that Islamabad Model Town’s location allows for a well-rounded lifestyle— urbanized as well as one in the tranquil countryside, is also a big plus for many residents. After all, who would not want to raise their family surrounded by lush hills and in a beautiful, economical, and environmentally-friendly society. This is why we strongly suggest you look into Islamabad Model Town as a viable investment opportunity.

Makeen Marketing has a host of august real estate agents who work tirelessly to ensure that their clients get the highest returns on their investment. This is why Islamabad Model Town is an investment option they suggest to clients looking to enjoy living near the city at affordable rates.

Islamabad Model Town New Prices and Updates in 2022 | Latest Updates

Islamabad Model Town New Prices and Updates in 2022 | Latest Updates

Like many other societies being in development, Islamabad Model Town is also one of the most innovative housing societies of the present time. A lot of information is linked to this newly developing society. Islamabad Model Town new prices and updates are delivered through this blog.

Several people are interested in some of the unanswered questions related to Islamabad Model Town. Read the blog, as every minute detail is described in the blog.

Islamabad Model Town New Prices & Updates

Islamabad Model Town, which is also the most anticipated society, has come up with some remarkable prices. Prices seem to be reasonable, as Islamabad Model Town is situated at a prime location, neighboring Bahria Enclave and Park View City Islamabad.

The updated price for 3.5 Marla plots is PKR 2500,000 1970,000 instead of the previous PKR 1970,000 while 5 Marla plots will now be PKR 4000,000 3,500,000 instead of PKR 3,500,000 , and much more ranges depending upon the size of Marla’s. These new prices are expected to be implemented from the 1st of AUG 2021. 

As there are significant changes in the prices of plots so the prices may vary from time to time. To know more about Islamabad Model Town new prices and updates along with the booking process, you can click here. ­


Legal and Illegal Status of Islamabad Model Town

For any housing society being in its developmental phase, its foremost priority is to attain legal status. The same is the case with Islamabad Model Town. CDA has claimed that there is no response from the Islamabad Model Town society after the submission of its layout plan, which was around 13 months back. The layout plan of Islamabad Model Town has been verified by CDA.

The leadership has addressed this issue in clear-cut terms. It’s being speculated that all the legal documentation of Islamabad Model Town is just a step away from being verified by CDA. Once the process holds a proper shape, it will get into the practical phase and the citizens will no longer have to wait.

From the above facts, it is clear that within a short period this newly developing society will get NOC by CDA. Right after the approval by CDA Islamabad Model Town new prices and updates will be tilted to a higher level. To read more about the NOC issue addressed by CDA click here.

Development Updates

To talk about the development progress of Islamabad Model Town, it has been entered into a phase of completion. The respected owners have been reported saying that within a year the society will enter into a shape of completion. The main gate of the underdeveloped society is completed as it was supposed to be.

This society comprises several enchanting features which will be soon unveiled to the awaiting customers. The wait will be worth it for sure. The clients are encouraged to stick to Islamabad Model Town’s new prices and updates. Read more about the amenities provided by Islamabad Model Town


Commercial Plots Located in Islamabad Model Town

Several new things are on way for Islamabad Model Town new prices and updates. Like every other housing society project, the privilege to delight the customers with Islamabad Model Town commercial plots has been taken. In this regard, the owners have thrown light that there are a very limited number of Islamabad Model Town commercial plots.

The plots are confined to a certain limit and for this reason, they may not be sold out on a first-come-first-served basis. Moreover, there is tough competition among the clients to make their booking for Islamabad Model Town commercial plots.

The price range for Islamabad Model Town commercial plots of Islamabad Model Town is yet to be decided. As soon as the prices are finalized, they will be shared with respected clients. Stay connected with Makeen Marketing for the Islamabad Model Town new prices and updates.


To conclude, Islamabad Model Town is resolving all the onboard issues addressed by CDA. Soon, it is expected to see the inaugural of Islamabad Model Town. To seek any sort of knowledge regarding Islamabad Model Town new prices and updates, visit Makeen Marketing PVT. LTD. Feel free to contact us at UAN: +92-330-0625336.

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