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Nova City Islamabad Latest Rates | 2022 | Makeen Marketing

Nova City Islamabad Latest Rates | 2022 | Makeen Marketing

This article will shed light on the introduction of Nova City new rates as well as their implications for potential investors.

There are a few housing societies that have such a rapid and fruitful response as Nova City Islamabad. The housing society is yet to carry out an official launch and Makeen Marketing has already received overwhelming feedback on its 5-marla plots.

Based on its strategic as well as picturesque location, we speculate that Nova City will go on to becoming one of the best and most profitable residential projects in Islamabad.

Need more information on the Nova City project? Check this out.

Not only is Makeen Marketing an authorized dealer of Nova City plots but we are also an Elite Sales Partner. This helps us ensure to our clients that the information we provide comes straight from the horse’s mouth.

A couple of days back, we mentioned an expected increase in Nova City prices. Today, we present to our clients a revised edition of Nova City new prices. According to the latest Nova City payment plan, the prices of the plots offered have risen up approximately 25% from the previous pre-launching rates. We expect these Nova City new rates to remain stable for the foreseeable future.

Nova City New Rates

Let’s get into the specifics, shall we? Below you’ll find the available plot cuttings and their corresponding Nova City new rates:

  • 5- marla for a total price of PKR 2, 475,000/-
  • 8- marla for a total price of PKR 3,670,000/-
  • 10-marla for a total price of PKR 4,450,000/-
  • 14-marla for a total price of PKR 6,125,000/-
  • 1-kanal for a total price of PKR 8,800,000/-

*These prices are inclusive of development charges.

**10% confirmation charges to be paid within 45 days of booking.

Nova City New

***Please note that 8 and 14-marla plots are at pre-launch rates while the rest are now new rates.

Investors are entitled to a 10% discount on full payment of their plots as well as a 5% discount on 50% payment of the plot. Additionally, the down payment on these plots are PKR 495,000, PKR 734,000, PKR 890,000, PKR 1,225,000, and PKR 1,760,000, respectively. As you can see, these Nova City new rates are extremely affordable for their location and the top-notch amenities promised by the residential project.

As an investor opting to pay in installments, you must make 8 bi-annual installments to the Nova City developers.

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What Do These New Rates Mean for Investors?

As specified in the latest Nova City payment plan, the prices of 5 and 10-marla as well as 1- kanal plots have increased while 8-marla and 14-marla plots are now being offered at pre-launching rates. So, what do these Nova City new rates mean for an investor?

Pre-launch rates are excellent news for investors as they are able to purchase these Nova City plots at low rates. Once the new rates are launched, investors can sell their plots at exalted rates. This makes for incredibly large ROIs.

The Nova City new rates for 5 and 10 as well as 1-kanal plots are still quite affordable when compared to market prices. As an investor, you’ll not only be taking advantage of the proximity to the airport but will also provide high-end living standards.

Interested in buying your very own Nova City plot? What better place to go to than their Elite Sales Partner? Our experts at Makeen Marketing are happy to provide for you real estate services ranging from property management to creating a real estate portfolio.

For more details on the Nova City booking process, contact us at UAN 0330-0625336 or visit our website.

Nova City Rawalpindi Ring Road Allegations [2022] | DEBUNKED

Nova City Rawalpindi Ring Road Allegations [2022] | DEBUNKED

Nova City has recently found itself in hot waters regarding the recent disruption in the Rawalpindi Ring Road construction. The residential project found itself losing the interest of investors almost as quickly as it piqued it.

One might ask, why did these Nova City Rawalpindi Ring Road allegations prove so detrimental to the housing project?  There are a few reasons that led to problems being created for Nova City. This article will shed light on what those allegations are before moving on to how Nova City tackled these problems.


Nova City Rawalpindi Ring Road Allegations

There are a few accusations being leveled against Nova City. As we all know, Nova City received a PP1 approval recently. This is a strong indication that the housing project is in line to receive its NOC approval soon. It is being speculated that Nova City bribed the municipal authorities to speed up the approval process.

Moreover, there was recent news that Nova City over-sold its limited plots and cheated many out of their investments.

The recent Ring Road update is that it’s being extended by a few kilometers— putting Nova City in closer proximity to it. Thus, one of the Nova City Rawalpindi Ring Road allegations leveled against NC is that the real estate project used its influence to redirect the road to be closer to the society.

Another of these detrimental allegations is that Nova City was built in a “No Construction Zone”. What does this mean? One of the most enticing features of Nova was its proximity to the New Islamabad International Airport.  However, some organizations speculated that the project was within 200 yards from the Islamabad Airport— a direct breach of the No Construction Zone.


Nova City’s Response

Recently, the project responded to these maligning allegations. We’re here to convey their message to our readers. Below are a few things the housing project has debunked.

According to the statement they put forth, Nova City stresses that while its location offers investors optimal accessibility, it doesn’t rest solely on the Rawalpindi Ring Road. Instead, the society said it spent millions in obtaining access to the CPEC route from the government of Pakistan. In the statement, they iterated that even now, the housing society does not have any direct connection to any of the RRR access points.

Secondly, the housing project confirmed that it does not in fact enter the No Construction Zone of the funnel region. Nova’s management claims that the social relations of one of their directors are being propagated as ulterior motives. This is quite far from the truth.

Thus far, the statement put forth debunks two of the major Nova Rawalpindi Ring Road allegations: the issue of the No Construction Zone and them using influence to bring the RRR closer to them.

Next, Nova City moves to debunk allegations of unethically over-selling their land. According to them, the total member registrations they have as of yet will require about 3,500 Kanal of land. Currently, Nova City holds over 9000 kanals. This area is expected to increase. It doesn’t make sense, then, to accuse Nova City of over-selling on limited plots.

The statement concludes by saying that the housing society fully intends on taking legal action against those in charge of these Nova City Rawalpindi Ring Road allegations. Furthermore, they are sticking to their mission of providing investors with the best, healthiest lifestyle.

Lastly, they go on the address PM Imran Khan. Mentioning that Nova City was formed after his push to revive the real estate sector in Pakistan, they state their full support of penalties against malign housing societies that stain the repute of the Pakistani real estate sector.

This is a sentiment that resonates with Makeen Marketing as well. We can think of nothing worse than tricking someone out of a fruitful investment. That’s why we dedicate all our resources to make sure our client is satisfied with our work and with the real estate they buy through our organization.

The Nova City NOC Issue | 2022 | Important

The Nova City NOC Issue | 2022 | Important

This article hopes to give the reader a holistic view of where the Nova City NOC stands as well as why investors place this no-objection document in such high regard.

Nova City Islamabad is one of Islamabad’s newest real estate ventures. In just a short amount of time, this housing project has turned the heads of every investor not only in the federal capital but nationwide. Consequently, Makeen Marketing has seen an influx of queries— the most prominent one being the Nova City NOC issue.

In short, the housing project hasn’t acquired its NOC as of yet. However, judging from the rapid upward trajectory this project has displayed, many speculate the Nova City NOC is underway. In just a few months, Nova City Islamabad has completed the construction of its main boulevard. This kind of fast-paced development is a good indicator of municipal organizations such as the TMA of Nova’s legitimacy.

The society has already received its PP1 approval— a strong indication that the Nova City NOC is soon to follow. Once the NOC has been approved, Nova City owners and developers will officially launch the housing society, along with its marketing phase.

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What is a Nova City NOC and Why is it Important?

The Nova City NOC is an important facet in determining how successful the society is going to be. This is one of the first things any potential investor will make sure of since it adds legitimacy to the housing project. How exactly is this done?

A no-objection document state that the housing society has been approved by related municipal organizations to receive basic amenities. These could be electricity, gas, water, and sanitation. Additionally, the Nova City NOC legitimizes the project by implying that TMA has gone over the file tracking process.

Thus, once you have submitted the down payment to your plot, the TMA will monitor and regulate the file’s status to prevent any corruption. This helps promote a level of transparency throughout the real estate market.

Moreover, before approving a NOC, TMA will be inspecting the payment plan as well as the layout of the project to ensure that the investors don’t end up at a loss.

There is little doubt that Nova City Islamabad will become the next big project in the capital. If you’re looking to book your Nova City 10-marla plot then contact Makeen Marketing. We are an authorized dealer as well as an Elite Sales Partner of the housing project.  Formulating the best real estate solutions for our clients is a top priority!

We deal in many more projects such as Islamabad Model Town, Lahore Smart City, and Blue World City.

A Conversation with Makeen’s CEO | Nova City Frequently Asked Questions

A Conversation with Makeen’s CEO | Nova City Frequently Asked Questions

Hassan Talal Sahi is the CEO and founder of Makeen Marketing Pvt Ltd. Because of his position, he is well-versed in Pakistani real estate— a market he intends to transform and redefine. Today, we’ll ask him a few questions about Nova City Islamabad. Read below for his answers to some Nova City frequently asked questions.

If you are new to Nova City Islamabad, then click here.

Now let’s move on to asking our mentor some important questions regarding Nova City.


Question: Why is Nova City Islamabad the best option to invest in? How is it different from other projects in the vicinity?


Answer: When it comes to investing in the areas around Islamabad and Rawalpindi, there are several options available. Beginning from Gulberg, Bahria Town, Multi Gardens, B-17, and Faisal Town to Nova City Islamabad and Capital Smart City.

Interested in knowing more about Nova City developments? Check out their latest collaboration.

Now we’ll get to the meat of the matter: Why should you invest in Nova City?


The answer to this Nova City frequently asked question is that the projects listed above have entered their maturity stages on the project’s life cycle, except Nova City Islamabad. This means that those who invested in these ventures have had the best possible returns. I’d like to expand on it using cricket language. That only singles and doubles game is remaining for these matured projects. Nova City, on the other hand, has the highest chances of hitting sixes.


Secondly, Chaudhry Junaid Afzal’s name alone is enough to guarantee that Nova City will deliver on its promises. He is the chairman and the driving force behind Nova City. He is a man of his word; he has vowed to provide Nova City with every possible convenience, and he will. The performance of New City Taxila and how New City investors are confidently investing in Nova City are the reasons I can say this with such certainty.


Despite the fact that real estate and education have no connection, Nova City developers have incorporated both sectors in just one housing society. Education is a must, according to the chairman, and everybody should have access to it. It is not a high-end commodity. The chairman of Nova City Islamabad, Chaudhry Junaid Afzal, has set a precedent by initiating the construction of the Nova Public School. This demonstrates the developers’ and management’s dedication to providing the best possible facilities to the residents of Nova City Islamabad.


Another thing that can be guaranteed is that under Chaudhry Junaid Afzal’s supervision, the growth rate will accelerate dramatically. The New City Taxila grew to its full potential under this chairmanship. In addition, he prohibited commercial operations from taking place in residential areas. As a result, the residential areas of Nova City will be free of commercial activities, and a separate zone is allocated for the business activities.


To summarize the response to this Nova City frequently asked questions, I’d like to inform everyone interested that Nova City Islamabad will soon be the next housing society brand. It will not be limited to Islamabad; it will spread to other cities as well.


Question: What is the reason behind the hype of Nova City Islamabad?

Answer: Out of all the Nova City frequently asked questions, I am asked this the most. Nova City’s popularity and growth can be associated with a variety of factors. Dedication, however, is the most significant factor.


The Nova City management is very much considerate about its investors. We’ve seen how housing societies have enabled numerous owners to sell their plots and file in the past. As a result of the surplus availability, the prices of their files have decreased. The Nova City management restricted the supply of its files to the market. The value of available files has been preserved due to the market’s restricted availability. The authorities have chosen its authorized dealers who can sell its files and plots in the market. Fortunately, Makeen Marketing is a Nova City authorized dealer, and now it is its Elite Sales Partner.


Furthermore, it is fair to assume that the history of management, chairman, officials, and developers have contributed to Nova City’s success. They would not be seeing such a positive response if they hadn’t performed in New City Taxila up to the client’s standards.


Question: Would you like to address Nova City investors in these Nova City frequently asked questions at the end?

Answer: I’d like to congratulate the investors in Nova City. Since Nova City is all about the shining stars! They’ll be enjoying the fruits of their labors in no time.


We hope these Nova City frequently asked questions were helpful and were able to give satisfactory answers to your queries. If you have any queries regarding the housing project, get in touch with us and we’ll be happy to help!




Nova City Islamabad Development Updates| NOC | Maaksons | 2022 | Latest News & Updates

Nova City Islamabad Development Updates| NOC | Maaksons | 2022 | Latest News & Updates

Makeen Marketing yet again brings to its reader’s news on a recent Nova City development. The Nova City housing society is a colossal real estate project that is only going to get bigger. Over the last couple of months, we have seen this housing scheme in Islamabad achieve a lot of success in terms of development and, consequently, in terms of gaining investors.

We have witnessed an influx of questions and queries regarding the housing project and have experienced an overwhelming response regarding Nova City plots (5- and 10-marla). If you’d like to know more information on Nova City check out our blog below:

Nova City Islamabad [Update] | Location | NOC | Payment Plan

Coming back to the issue at hand— this Nova City development. According to our sources, Nova City is collaborating with Maaksons Engineering Corporation Ltd for its construction and development activities.

What is Maaksons Engineering Corporation Ltd?

Maaksons Engineering Corporation Ltd is a leading contracting firm in Islamabad. Its has worked on numerous real estate project such as Gulberg Islamabad as well as Penta Square in Phase V, D.H.A., Lahore and Diplomatic Enclave in Islamabad.

This contracting firm is in the same league as Habib Rafique Pvt Ltd and thus is said to deliver extremely sophisticated projects. This is an exciting Nova City development as it helps build on the legitimacy of the housing scheme in Islamabad.

What Does this Nova City Development Update Mean?

As we mentioned earlier, this new collaboration with Maaksons could make the world of a difference to a young and developing society such as Nova City. There is talk of the installation of constriction machinery on the Nova City site— an impressive feat considering how young the project is. To be more precise, this equipment will be installed right after Eid. It is being approximated that the project will deliver 4500 kanal under a  year.

This Nova City development update is sure to instill a sense of assurance in those looking to invest in the project— Maaksons is a name affiliated with massive housing schemes in Islamabad.

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This newfound investor confidence would ultimately lead to more sales volume for Nova City. Moreover, it could be beneficial to those who invest earlier on as they would stand to gain large sums in ROIs.

We congratulate Nova City on this incredible accomplishment and look forward to its rapid development. If you’re interested in getting more information about this project, contact our experts at Makeen Marketing. We are Nova’s authorized dealers as well as their Elite Sales Partner— we’ll get you the best deals and help you secure your own Nova City plot!

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