Guide to the Real Estate Investment in Pakistan

Guide to the Real Estate Investment in Pakistan

Guide to the Real Estate Investment in Pakistan, a new blog by Makeen Maketing will make your investment easier and profitable. Real estate is the most profitable and trending industry in the country right now. Whether it is the end user or an investor working and trying to make or multiply the money or investment, all are being attracted towards the real estate investment. If you are considering going for some high-yield projects in order to make a golden stock, Real Estate is the superlative and best investment option to reproduce your money.

Makeen Marketing has a guide to real estate investment in Pakistan that will lead you to a secure and better future as they are the foremost and trustworthy real estate advisors and specialists in various cities of Pakistan. Makeen Marketing has got multiple investment opportunities for you, whether you are well up in investing or you are an end user and are buying a property for the first time. The only thing that is mandatory and will make your venture successful and great is detailed and comprehensive familiarity and information on the trends and baseline data of the real estate market.

Guide to Real Estate Investment in Pakistan

Here are some instructions for you to follow to ensure a secure and money-making investment: 

Book your property with an Authorized Dealer or Company:

The real estate marketplace is a venture capitalist hub in Pakistan. According to the public and experts, it is the most dynamic business for capital production and investment, as it offers and bargains speedy development and a certain yield on investment. Profits are guaranteed, but one thing that needs your attention is to stay alert for any scams or fraud. Sometimes the result can be different because of fraud and scams. So, there is a need for end users and investors to select the property carefully for investment to enjoy profits for a long time, in the form of stable returns. Stable returns are only guaranteed if you choose a valid and authorized person to whom you book your property.  Check the authorization certificate or other valid documentation of that person or organization. Also, validate the file or papers from the relevant society or source.

A professional and authorized real estate advisor is a professional service provider who suggests to you a definite safe property as per your budget and one who uses his or her experience to advise a principal in conducting a real estate transaction and/or the operation of real property, usually in exchange for a fee. Real estate consultants are typically brokers, attorneys, or former principals with whom you can find the best investment options.

Choose Profit-worthy Possessions:

Always look into the market trends and prices before buying or investing in a real estate property. Information implemented with a spot-on approach helps you to find a property that holds profit worth and benefits. After getting in contact with a valid or authorized dealer, get your mind clear and stick to society, and ask your relevant company or resource to take you on a visit to the investment site. This is a very important point and an investor while investing in real estate Before making a considerable investment visit the location, and crisscross the rates and worth of the properties within a region and what sort of properties are available around. One should have a keen interest in estimating the worth of property. In Pakistan, in advance of purchasing any assets, one thing that one needs to guarantee before investing is if the venture is ratified by the regulatory authorities of that area or not. During the assessment and worth analysis of possession, pay consideration to every little detail: make sure it’s fault-free, and even the official papers are completed and authorized or not.  

Get complete Ownership of your property:

The professional or experienced investor in this field always considers the investment in the area that is completely owned by him. One of the furthermost significant and tempting motives in real estate is the full possession of the asset. When you are buying a property, you should get a full proprietorship of your asset, and then nobody can take it from you because you have all the legal rights to it. In other forms of investment such as stocks, mutual funds, and vice versa, you do not get the tangible asset and its ownership. That being said, real estate permits you to have control and ownership over your assets. 

Go to the society or authority’s office to verify the transfer and/or allotment letter document. This will confirm the status of the property you wish to buy. When you’re selling property, ensure that the transfer letter is issued to the buyer in their name.

Appreciation Graph of your real estate property:

Real estate investors are mostly seen making money through rental income, any profits generated by property-dependent business activity, and appreciation. Real estate values have a heavy tendency to increase over time, and with a good investment, one can turn a profit when it’s time to sell. Rents also tend to rise over time, which can lead to higher cash flow.

In real estate, appreciation is an occasion when your property’s value increases over time. One of the easiest ways to earn money in real estate is by selling off property. In the Pakistani real estate market, the demand for real estate is increasing by leaps and bounds. As a result, the sales prices of real estate also increase. In short, you can demand a higher sales price for your real estate product and handsome profits through it. 

Valuation occurs when a property increases in value due to changes in the housing market. For example, many people are renovating their homes. They add new features to your home, which in turn increases the overall value of your property. However, it should be noted that real estate valuation is misleading and the rate of valuation cannot be accurately predicted. Real estate appreciation is a tricky game because it is not easy to predict. For example, the land around your site may become thinner or more crowded (for example, if a large shopping center is being built nearby). Or maybe you’ve upgraded the property to make it more attractive to buyers. This is riskier than investing in cash flow income.

Work on your Real Estate Financing

Unlike other small investment opportunities in Pakistan, you need a fair quantity of funds to capitalize on real estate. The better on the mend the cash is, the improved the yields and revenues of those properties. The process you agree to for your investment can make it a success or a failure. Some people use their savings for investment whereas some people take loans to finance their real estate projects. The options are many, it is better to do a Strength Weakness Opportunity Threats analysis of each and every suitable option and finalize with the best possible alternative or profitable substitute that later on leads to the appreciation of the property.

Give a read:

Wait for a suitable time or look for a suitable and trustworthy tenant or client 

This is where it gets tricky, as this is the step that separates experienced investors from newcomers to the real estate market. There are several factors that affect or determine how long you need to keep your property. This includes market trends, general political situation, project status, project location, and developer reputation. For example, Defense House Authority projects or the projects like Park View City Islamabad and Eighteen Islamabad are popular with domestic and foreign investors because of their reputation for quality and reliable development. There are several considerations to keep in mind when renting out a property for current income. 

First, there must be a written and signed rental agreement between the two parties involved. This document should describe the length of the lease, the amount and duration of the rent, the rate at which the rent will increase over time, and the eviction procedure if you are using your property for your own use. The eviction clause must also include actions that qualify as immediate eviction. Submit this agreement to local law enforcement to avoid being held liable for any illegal actions by your renter. In fact, the authorities will ensure that the eviction (in case of disagreement) is carried out despite possible objections from the tenants.

Avoid dealing in Cash:

It helps to avoid large sums of money, which is very risky, especially nowadays when robberies are common. Bank checks are safe for bank transfers. In case of fraud, the scammer or the invalid transaction can be identified. Payments and transactions received by cheque instead of cash are safe. Create proof of payments made or received to be on the safer side. If payments are made by check, receipts are not required. All check payments are recorded in the bank’s books. It is not necessary to record all payments separately. Checks can be passed from person to person. This will help conclude agreements with sellers of properties and assets. You can avoid printing additional invoices if cheques are used for payment. The daily handling of large sums of money is avoided. The widespread use of cheques would largely eliminate black money from the economy.

Go for token money in the early stages of the deal:

Once a deal is discussed and processed, token money will be given to the seller. This is a guarantee by the buyer that they will purchase this property, and binds both parties to the deal. Token money is usually a relatively small percentage of the property’s total value, and should ideally be between PKR 50,000 to PKR 100,000 depending upon the total deal payment. The token receipt should have the complete details of the property and should mention if there are any legal actions or issues.

Why Investment In Faisal Town Islamabad Is Safe?

Why Investment In Faisal Town Islamabad Is Safe?

Faisal Town is a top-notch project that started to upgrade the lifestyle. The project further aims to redefine sustainable property development and the infrastructure of housing schemes. Interestingly, Faisal Town is the parent company of the remarkable housing project named Faisal Hills, located in Taxila. 

Best town design, state-of-the-art development, and high-quality services are the trade mark of the Faisal Town project. Society’s main objective is to update the lifestyle while making investments secure and transparent. In addition, the investments are stamped with premium returns through high-quality housing schemes.

Why Investment in Faisal Town?

In this article, we will be narrowing down our focus on developing this prime housing project. Alongside this, the article aims to provide a complete guide for investing in Faisal Town. In addition, we will dig deeper into the particularities of this project to answer why one should consider investing in it. 

So, please stick to this article till the end since it will be an exciting read!

A Brief View of Faisal Town 

Faisal Town is a beautiful and successful housing project owned by Zedem International Private Limited, a private real estate firm of Chaudhry Abdul Majeed. The company has already launched and fully developed many successful housing projects. Faisal Town is one of those projects leading the market and setting new milestones in the real estate sector. It is a NOC-approved project located in a prime location. 

The society’s development status is already near completion, and it has already won the trust of its residents and investors by providing them with premium quality services and lucrative investment opportunities. Presently, the scheme owns three residential blocks, i.e., A, B, and C, fully developed. However, other blocks are expected to get fully developed soon.

Successful Projects by Faisal Town Owners 

Faisal Town is owned or administered by a well-renowned real estate company that has already provided many successful housing projects. The list of those projects is as follows:

  • Faisal Town (FT)
  • Faisal Hills
  • Faisal Villas
  • Faisal Margalla City (FMC)
  • Faisal Residencia
  • SEA Square B-17
  • Faisal Towers

Faisal Town | A Name of Ultra-Luxury LifeStyle 

Faisal Town is a housing scheme knowns for its top-notch amenities and facilities. The delivery of high-quality services and the provision of a deluxe lifestyle contribute to making this town stand out. It won’t be wrong to say that this housing project is fully furnished with all the basic and modern facilities. And that makes it a premium residential housing project and an ideal investment option for investors. Notably, the project has premium designed both the residential and commercial areas. 

 Here are some critical factors that make Faisal Town a reliable option for residential and commercial purposes. 

  • Sustainable Environment

It’s no secret that urbanization has upgraded the style of living. Providing us with plenty of living options has also severely affected our peace of mind as it has become hard to find a place where serenity prevails, and that’s also not too far from the central city. 

On that junction, finding a place that is fully furnished with all the facilities one can desire and also owns a highly sustainable and peaceful environment is a bliss that no one resists. The town’s location guarantees that you will live a peaceful life away from the humdrum of life.

  • Gated Community

Faisal Town developers aim to develop a project that ensures premium living without any comprise on security. For that, they make sure to bring every possible facility within the community. 

In addition, the community is fully gated with high boundary walls that ensure the safety of community residents. Furthermore, 24/7 surveillance is also available.  

  • Health Facilities

Healthcare is another factor that contributes to the popularity of the project. Like security surveillance, the community administration has ensured to provide premium healthcare services within the community. 

For this purpose, the community owns different clinics and a dispensary that is open 24/7 to cater to any medical emergencies.

  • Parks and Playgrounds

Developing a community without entertainment zones would be an injustice to the residents. And Faisal Town never let any injustice happen to its valuable customers. For that, the community has beautifully designed parks and playgrounds. 

A particular area of the community is designated for building parks and playgrounds to ensure residents have enough entertainment resources. In addition, plenty of other recreational facilities such as golf clubs, tennis courts, swimming pool, gymnasium and, are available.  

  • Mosques 

Another salient feature of the society is the availability of mosques, so you don’t get deprived of listening to Azan and offering prayer in mosques. Notably, the mosques are equipped with modern facilities and excellent infrastructure. 

  • International Standard Infrastructure

The international standard infrastructure of the community is another crucial factor that stands the society apart. The town developers have purportedly opted for modern and intelligent infrastructure. 

Presently, society has excellent town planning featuring wide roads and streets which connect all areas of society. 

  • Educational Institutes

Educational institutes are one of the main factors contributing to the development of any community. That’s why society has ensured several educational institutes where quality education is provided. 

Since the delivery of quality education is one of the main priorities of society’s management of society.

  • Commercial Area

Faisal Town developers aim to provide high-quality services, and to make it happen, they have designated a particular area as a commercial area. The area has plenty of grocery stores and malls catering to all the basic living needs. 

In addition, the commercial area also has some well-recognized restaurants and cafes where you can spend quality time with your loved ones.

Facilities and Amenities 

Providing the primary and latest facilities is also one of the main contributing factors to Faisal Town’s successful development. The administration has ensured to provide maximum facilities to its residents. The facilities do not only include the delivery of basic facilities. Instead, the community is furnished with state of the amenities, such as;    

  • Electricity, Water & Gas

Electricity, water, and gas are three elements. Without these, living is not possible. And unfortunately, in the present times, the availability of these three essential requirements has become an enormous problem. 

But thanks to the Faisal Town administration promised all these necessities. The society provides underground electricity, a 24-hour supply of water, and gas to all its sectors. 

  • 24/7 Surveillance 

Security is something that can never be compromised. No matter how many services and premium facilities are available in society if it does not provide security, society does not meet the living requirements. 

Keeping that, Faisal Town administrators aim to provide a fully secure environment. It provides 24/7 surveillance for its residents. Also, the administration keeps a check on the security checkpoints through cameras, so security is guaranteed in Facial Town. 

  • Banks and ATMs

Banks and ATMs are also included in the list of Faisal Town facilities. So, you do not need to go outside the community to withdraw your salary or money. Besides this, Faisal Town offers the following facilities and amenities, 

  • Metalled Road 40′ to 110′ wide
  • Underground Water Supply,
  • Underground & Overhead Water Tanks
  • Sewerage Disposal Stations
  • Continuous Gas Supply
  • High-end educational facilities
  • Horticulture & Plantation
  • Gated Entry System
  • Boundary Wall
  • Modern Waste Collection and Disposal
  • Medical College
  • Shopping Mall featuring Food Court & 3-D Movie Theater
  • Club
  • Community Centre
  • Children Play Area
  • Cricket & Football Grounds
  • Filling Station
  • Swimming pool

Importance of Its location 

Faisal Town is considered one of the best housing schemes due to its prime location. It is located on the main Fatehjang-Kohat Road, next to Fateh Jang Interchange on Motorway M-1.

Moreover, it is only ten minute’s drive away from New Islamabad International Airport, which is the most potential bonus for the investors. Also, the society is located just five minutes’ drive away from N-5 GT Road. Kashmir Highway and Margalla Avenue are also adjacent to the society, which means quick access to the central city. Besides, it ultimately adds to the worth of this housing scheme. 

Located in a prime location, Faisal Town offers divine residential and lucrative investment opportunities to the citizens and investors. So, if you want a home amid the scenic landscape surrounded by the stunning views of Margalla hills, Faisal Town is your go-to option. It is the ultimate resting point for those who crave nature and serenity. 

Prices and Payment Plan

Having said earlier, Faisal Town is a grand-scale luxury project that ensures the provision of up-to-the-minute facilities to its residents. And that is the main reason for people’s trust and reliance on it. 

However, the provision of the latest and international standard facilities does not just help win people’s trust but also contributes to a spike in its plots’ prices. 

And if we see the development pace, infrastructure, location, mega commercial projects, and, most importantly,  the opening of New Islamabad Airport, their prices and payment plans would seem justified. You can get a rough estimation of Faisal Town plots prices from here;

Plot Size Price Range

5.56 Marla 45 to 55 lakh

8 Marla 55 to 65 lakh

10.89 Marla 70 to 90 lakh

14.22 Marla 90 lakh to 1 crore

1 Kanal 1 to 1.5 crore

If you want more assistance or detail about their payment plans, you can consult our customer care representative and real estate consultants, who are available 24/7. You can also visit our head office, Makeen Marketing 2nd Floor, in Adeel Plaza, Blue Area Islamabad. 

The Final Take 

To conclude, Faisal Town offers an opportunity to live ultra-deluxe life at affordable prices in the federal city of Pakistan. It’s because the project is home to many state-of-the-art facilities. In addition, the project provides many lucrative opportunities for investors. 

If you want to unearth more about these opportunities, get in touch with our real estate consultants now at Makeen Marketing


Most Expensive Residential Area in Pakistan

Most Expensive Residential Area in Pakistan

Pakistan’s largest city, as well as Pakistan’s richest urban community, has an estimated GDP of $84 billion in 2019. The Walled City, the conspicuous Badshahi and Wazir Khan Mosques, as well as a few Sikh and Sufi sanctuaries, are undeniably situated in the city, which creates an enormous part of Pakistan’s travel industry business. Makeen Marketing has listed the most Expensive Cities to Live in Pakistan.

The least expensive urban communities in Pakistan are many times traced to Punjab because of the lower cost differential rate. As measurable information announced by the National Price Monitoring Committee (NPMC) indicated, Bahawalpur is viewed as the most affordable city with the least amount of 9.25 percent between the market and regional organization rates concerning day-to-day basics.

Likewise, Multan and Lahore have similar cost differential levels of 10.35 and 10.53. Rather, Islamabad has been perceived as an expensive city, with a 19.6 percent gap between the market’s supported valuations.

Most Expensive Residential Area in Islamabad:

The capital of Pakistan, Islamabad is perhaps the most costly city in Pakistan. The cost of land was rarely low here. At first, the old town of Islamabad was more costly than the newly, created areas. Monetarily talking, essential business sectors are much more exorbitant than nearby business sectors. In any case, the costs of houses available to be purchased show the value patterns of private land. Numerous outsiders favor living in the elegant, posh region of the capital. Areas like E-7, F-8, F-7, F-6, F-5, and G-5 include outsider inhabitants. The costs of the previously mentioned areas are high. The region of these plots is additionally bigger like 1, 2, or 4 Kanal houses available to be purchased in these areas. The typical cost of 1 Kanal house available to be purchased in certain areas like E-7, F-7, F-6, and so on begins from 8-9 crore. We have recorded the most costly private areas of Islamabad beneath:

E-7: This area is viewed as the most costly area in Islamabad. It is home to numerous representatives and unfamiliar departments.

F-6: F-6 is viewed as the second most costly area. The area is home to the city’s most costly business sectors Kousar and the Supermarket. This area has three significant streets including Constitution Avenue, Margalla Road, and Seventh Avenue.

F-7: When we look inverse to E-7, we have the eastern business place. Likewise perceived as the third most costly area.

F-8: It contains numerous workplaces and structures for true purposes. Islamabad Kachari is likewise situated in this area. It is positioned as the fourth most costly area.

F-10, F-11: Both these areas on something contrary to Fatima Jinnah Park are to be at number 5. The typical expense of 1 Kanal house available to be purchased in these areas is practically equivalent to having minor contrasts. Notwithstanding, the cost of these two areas is low. The typical expense of 1 Kanal house available to be purchased goes from 5-6 crore. Since Islamabad is among the most costly urban communities in Pakistan, Park View City ends up being the most costly local location in all of Pakistan. The paces of these private plots are:

  • 5 Marla is worth PKR 15,000,000
  • 10 Marla if of PKR 27,500,000
  • 3.5 Marla is of PKR 3,500,000

Most Expensive Residential Area in Rawalpindi:

The city of Rawalpindi is the focal point of all monetary, assembly, and military movements in Pakistan. It is very close to Islamabad. Islamabad and Rawalpindi are viewed as sister urban communities and have a cozy relationship. Ayub National Park, the Army Museum, and the Raja Bazaar are the most popular spots to visit in Rawalpindi.

FDHL is a major Pakistani real estate engineer and resource management firm that guides the development of visionary astute urban communities in order to provide a captivating up-scale way of life as well as productive commitments to its financial backers. Habib Rafiq is an eminent name in Pakistan’s land. He is the engineer of Islamabad’s Bahria and DHA people groups. They’ve additionally settled their own lodging social orders in Sargodha, Multan, and Sahiwal, named Royal Orchard Multan, Royal Orchard Sargodha, and Royal Orchard Sahiwal, separately.

Capital smart city

The Capital Smart City is located in the Rawalpindi Region of Islamabad. The undertaking is located on the eastern course of CPEC, 9.2 kilometers from the M-2 Toll Plaza close to the Thalian exchange on the Lahore-Islamabad Motorway. The New Islamabad International Airport is only 5–6 minutes away. Twenty-eight Islamabad, Lahore Smart City, and Blue World City are a portion of the lodging social orders that are near it. Capital Smart City is the most costly local location in Rawalpindi since it furnishes its occupants with an exceptional and particular living environment, complete with state-of-the-art conveniences. This lodging society would turn into Pakistan’s most memorable Smart City by consolidating present-day innovation and carrying out shrewd elements.

The Taj Residencia has situated on a lavish green space only a little ways from The Centaurus, a little ways from Quaid-e-Azam International Hospital, and a little ways from New Islamabad International Airport. Taj Residencia is situated in Islamabad, lined up with CDA areas I-14 and I-15. It has three ways out, one of which is from the I-14 connection street. There are three doors, one of which is from the I-14 connection course. The subsequent entry is from Lakhu Lane, which prompts the Thalian Interchange motorway M2. The third entry is from the CDA area I-16.

Taj Residencia

Most Expensive Residential Area in Lahore:

The top most expensive local locations in Lahore are the following

Lahore Smart city

Park view city, Lahore

Lahore Smart City contains the most expensive local location in Lahore and, without a doubt, the absolute best. It is an unmatched venture by Future Development Holdings Limited, otherwise called FDHL, and Habib Rafique (Pvt.). The underpinning of this lodging society has been laid with the goal of giving advancement, quietness, and solidity to the residents of Pakistan. Before long, it will end up being the main brilliant city of Lahore and the second in Pakistan after the Capital Smart City.

Lahore smart city

This housing society is situated close to Kala Shah Kaku on the Lahore Bypass. It is helpfully arranged close to the Lahore exchange. The lodging society is effectively accessible from Lahore’s GT Road and the Lahore-Sialkot Motorway. It will likewise have an open course from the Lahore Ring Road. Occupants will actually want to interface the Lahore Smart City Housing Society with the remainder of the city. This LDA-approved lodging society is built in a way that fosters a resilient social atmosphere and gives residents access to a sensual and peaceful community that has the potential to grow into a hub for commercial, recreational, and residential opportunities.

  • Park View City Lahore:

It is the most expensive local location in Lahore as well as the best. Park View Society’s manors have an exquisite inside with point-by-point getting done and more than adequate living space. New vegetation and stupendous reviving situations cover the whole area of manors. 5% of the general land region is committed to green fields and recreational areas. Park View City, Lahore is an optimal area. It is situated on fundamental Multan Street, straightforwardly opposite the DHA EME district. The Thokar Niaz Baig Flyover and Canal Road are only 3 kilometers away. Best of all, Park View City Lahore is effectively available from all parts of the city. The Lahore-Islamabad interstate is only 2 kilometers away. One of the most encouraging housing projects by Vision Groups is viewed as Park View City Lahore. The organizer behind Vision Group is Aleem Khan, a conspicuous individual from Pakistan’s decision party, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI). The Vision Group started making and motivating the domain of land in the year 2012. They figured out how to acquire trustable standing. They have completed a few top-of-the-line land projects in significant urban communities, including Lahore and Islamabad.

Most Expensive Housing Areas in Karachi:

Perceived clinics and schools close to eminent colleges, for example, Indus Valley School of Arts and SZABIST, have an edge when contrasted with different pieces of the city. Clifton includes the ocean side as well as other diversion spots and offices like shopping centers (Park Towers, Forum), parks (Benazir Bhutto Park, Bagh Ibn-e-Qasim), and a few cafés spread broadly across the area. The Brag Basin is the usual home base for Clifton residents as well as all Karachiites. Clifton is one of the greatest yet most seasoned settlements in Karachi. It is most likely accepted that it is the poshest and most tasteful region in all of Karachi. It is the home of famous milestones, for example, the burial chamber of Abdullah Shah Ghazi and Mohatta Palace, close by a piece of Saddar Town. The primary Saddar region lies in the north of Clifton, with the Clifton ocean side lying in the south. Toward the east, we have Gizri town and DHA Karachi, and China Creek in the west. One more principal reason behind this area’s prominence is the easy association with every one of the nearby regions. Significant conduits like Shahrah-e-Firdousi, Khayaban-e-Iqbal, and Zamzama Boulevard give a simple course to Saddar and DHA. It makes navigating through the whole region simple. The advantages of such a region come at a cost. The cost of a 250-yard house in such a region costs around 40 to 60 million rupees.

The FATF’s Grey List & Repercussions on Pakistani Real Estate [2021]

The FATF’s Grey List & Repercussions on Pakistani Real Estate [2021]


In today’s article, we’ll look at how being on the FATF grey list affects Pakistani real estate.

FATF stands for Financial Action Task Force. This intergovernmental organization establishes worldwide standards with the goal of preventing illicit actions in society. It focuses on the elimination of criminality, corruption, and terrorism. FATF has been monitoring global governments since 2000, and it is constantly revising its list of countries that have failed to comply with its criteria. That list is called the grey list.

FATF Pakistan history is quite a lengthy one, and it has been on and off the list for a long time. The last time it was placed on the grey list in 2018, and it is currently endeavoring to get off it. On the 25th of June 2021, FATF President Dr. Marcus Pleyer declared that Pakistan has completed the major 24 items but remained on the FATF grey list 2021 because it needed to accomplish three more points to be delisted.

Now let’s get to the meat of the matter. We’ll start with some of the downsides and then look at some of the positive aspects.

Foreign Direct Investments Will Be Dawdled

Pakistan’s high rate of interest encourages firms and people residing abroad to invest in the country. Second, it is also aided by the expanding and developing industries. Pakistani real estate has had the most rapid growth in recent years. A flurry of real estate firms, as well as real estate portals, have popped up. It has piqued the attention of individuals and businesses from across the world to invest in the country.

Several international developers have teamed up with local developers to form housing cooperatives. For example, for the conception and building of Blue World City, China’s Shan Jian Municipal Engineering Company partnered with Blue Group of Companies. Because of the risk of losing money, being on the FATF grey list will deter such developers from investing in Pakistani real estate.

Locals and Overseas Pakistanis Will Curb Investments

Because of the same concern, Pakistanis living abroad will not shy away from pooling their investments to Pakistan. They will invest their remittances in stocks, gold, or crypto-currency. Because real estate is highly illiquid, money can’t be taken out immediately if the industry begins to lose money. Several housing societies have set up separate blocks for overseas Pakistanis, like Lahore Smart City. So if there is a halt in real estate investments by people living abroad, Pakistani real estate growth will be stifled.

Should I Discontinue Investing in Pakistani Real Estate?

You might be wondering if one should cease investing in Pakistani real estate given the following circumstances. No! Why? Because to be removed from the FATF grey list, Pakistan has to work on three more points. Which the Pakistani government has promised will be completed in a short period, as it has touched most of those items. On the bright side, consider how investments in Pakistan will be more profitable than ever, if the country moves out of the grey list.

  • Real estate is a haven for money launderers, and Pakistan is working hard to track them out as soon as possible. When Pakistan would be delisted from the grey list, it would mean it is a money-laundering free country. It will give investors in Pakistani real estate hope that the market is secure, and they will continue to invest in it. The property rates in Pakistan’s real estate sector will rise as foreign investment increases. The increased rates would mean high profits to the investors through flipping the properties.
  • Complying with FATF rules will protect Pakistan against criminal operations such as abduction, human trafficking, and target killing. Consequently, investors will invest in Pakistani real estate with confidence in both their money and their lives.
  • It will also help Pakistan to enhance its ties with foreign countries. Several countries acknowledge their efforts to combat terrorism. Many more real estate collaborations will happen in the near future because of these peace-seeking objectives.
  • The elimination of corruption will result in the eradication of red-tapism. The legal formalities for purchasing and transferring a home would no longer take as long. Furthermore, it will restrict officials from receiving excessive compensation for performing their duties.

Finally, while being on the FATF grey list would cost Pakistani real estate, the advantages will be higher if Pakistan is no longer on this list. You might as well take advantage of the market’s high property rates. For that, visit Makeen Marketing at Plaza D1, Main PWD Road, Islamabad, or call our real estate agent at 0330-0625336 for more information.

Real Estate Companies in Islamabad That Offer a Handsome Payoff

Real Estate Companies in Islamabad That Offer a Handsome Payoff

The real estate industry in Pakistan is perceived to be in the hands of people who have never had a formal education. Real estate agents are stereotyped as folks who smoke cigars and chatter on their phones constantly. However, things have evolved dramatically in recent years. Educated youngsters are the flag bearers of the real estate industry in Pakistan. The technological evolution in the industry is proving to be a fresh breeze of air as well.

Currently, there is a surge of these professional companies joining the market. Let’s list them down to help you choose among the best real estate companies in Islamabad.

Makeen Marketing 

Makeen Marketing is an Islamabad-based private limited corporation that specializes in real estate. It has a legal right to operate in this industry. The firm sought to revolutionize Pakistani real estate by introducing innovative real estate practices. In late 2020, the company began its operations. It has expanded its operations in such a short time. The headquarters of Makeen is in PWD, and it has a branch in F-11 in Islamabad. The best news is that it has launched its third office in DHA Phase 8, Lahore, thanks to the confidence of its loyal clientele!

Clients may rely on Makeen for reliable real estate advice. The projects of Makeen Marketing are sufficient to demonstrate its credibility and dependability. The list of these projects entails Islamabad Model Town, Lahore Smart City, Capital Smart City, and Blue World City. The business will be announcing a slew of new initiatives in the near future and will be seen as one of the leading real estate companies in Islamabad.

Zameen is among the consistent and reliable real estate companies in Islamabad.  The nationwide operations of assure real estate investors that there will be no misappropriation of their money. Since 2006, Zameen has been into purchasing and selling real estate properties. One cannot discount the advice of Zameen regarding real estate because of their experience in the sector. Zameen, the leading property portal of Pakistan, seeks to meet the demands of its clients and supply them with property that matches their needs. This is why a large number of real estate investors prefer logging into the Zameen portal and getting details of real estate properties in the market.


Graana, today, is one of the best real estate companies in Islamabad, is present in Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Karachi, and Lahore. It possesses a diversified product portfolio that includes Taj Residencia and Park View City. Moreover, several shopping malls are in the mega projects of this company, like Golf Floras, Amazon Outlet malls, and Imarat Builders Mall. Graana labels itself as the smartest real estate portal. Because it has made properties just one click away from the customers. Investors may pick where to invest simply by doing a search.

Agency 21

Agency 21 is considered as one of the quality real estate companies in Islamabad with multiple branches throughout Pakistan. This company is providing top-notch real estate services to clients looking to invest in the real estate sector and earning profits out of it. As a result of this, the projects marketed by Agency 21 are considered to be amongst the most lucrative ones in the entire real estate sector of Pakistan.

Click here to know about Blue World City.

Elaan Marketing

Over the last 5 years, Elaan Marketing has done all that top real estate companies in Islamabad must do to stand out. It is poised to carve a niche for itself in the Pakistani real estate market, be it mega retail malls, shopping centers, commercial spaces, or housing societies. Notable projects of Elaan are Hill View City, The Magnus Mall, The Delicacy, Swiss Suites, Islamabad Square, and many more. People from the twin city can visit the agency’s two offices in Islamabad to make real estate transactions.

Jagah Online

Our final selection of the day is Jagah Online, which is also enumerated among reliable real estate companies in Islamabad that offer a diverse marketplace to real estate investors in Pakistan. Millions of properties are available for you to purchase on Jagah Online. If you intend to buy, sell, or rent a home, or if you require property upkeep, Jagah Online is here to help. If you want to sell a property, put it on their website, and they’ll locate the best buyers for it.

Sky Marketing

Sky Marketing is headquartered in the capital, Islamabad. With the experience of over 15 years, this is one of the real estate companies in Islamabad that has earned its name in the industry. The Sky is what it is today because of its transparency and commitment to its consumers. The success of Sky has allowed it to open further offices in Lahore and Peshawar. The owners and the real estate developers have complete faith in Sky Marketing and continue to grant it new projects because they have reaped significant benefits from it.

Qazi Investment

The Qazi Investment is the culmination of nine years of excellence and trust. Ever since it became a publicly listed company, it has developed a devoted customer that trusts it for every kind of real estate advice. It is one of the top real estate companies in Islamabad. In Pakistan alone, it has 7 different offices. Additionally, it has offices in the USA, UAE, Canada, and Saudi Arabia. Qazi Investment has undertaken the marketing and sale of almost 20 projects.

Amanat Properties

Our final selection of the day is Amanat Properties which is on the list of trustworthy real estate companies in Islamabad. With over a decade of expertise in buying and selling commercial, residential plots, apartments, or houses, Amanat has gained the confidence of its stakeholders and is winning customers’ trust. The projects of Amanat properties are as follows: Taj Residencia, Park View City, Eighteen, and Capital Smart City.

Now that we’ve listed some of these companies, you’ll be able to decide which real estate firm in Pakistan you want to work with if you want to invest in the real estate industry. If Makeen Marketing is the company for you, come to our headquarters at Plaza D1, Main PWD Road, Islamabad, or reach us at UAN 0330-0625336. We have the best property dealers that will help you in every manner they can.

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