A Complete Guide To Taj Residencia Plots For Sale

A Complete Guide To Taj Residencia Plots For Sale

Choosing a real estate housing project for the purchase of property is one of the most difficult tasks. The factor people look for is the types of plots being offered by the housing project. Taj Residencia plots for sale are categorized as commercial and residential plots. The plots have a flexible payment plan as well as a booking process.

This blog is an ultimate guide towards buying the Taj Residencia plots for sale. The yearly payment plan along with the details is also mentioned in this article. To know more about the plots for sale at Taj Residencia check out our full blog.


Taj Residencia Plots For Sale In Residential Sector

When buying a home, people look for the best residential accommodations, to meet their needs. For this reason, Taj Residencia is the best option for purchasing residential plots. The residential plots are mainly situated in the areas:

  • Corner
  • Regular
  • Park-facing
  • Main boulevard

The sizes of Taj Residencia plots for sale in the residential sector are mentioned below:

  • 5 Marla
  • 8 Marla
  • 10 Marla
  • 1 Kanal
  • 2 Kanal

Apart from normal residential plots, Taj Residencia also has Taj Villas. These villas are designed with the utmost effort of architectural skills. The residents are being directed towards the dream villas and Taj Premium Resorts due to the state-of-the-art structure of the villas.

All these efforts are being exerted to provide a comfortable yet luxurious living style to the people. The constructed villas are being sold rapidly, and the rest are ready all set to be sold out. Taj Villas are also available in various plot sizes as follows:

  • 1 Kanal Villa
  • 1 Kanal Model Villa
  • 10 Kanal (Modern, Eclectic, Mediterranean)
  • 14 Kanal

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Taj Residencia Commercial Plots

The commercial plots are also priced according to the location. Similar to the residential plots the commercial sector also locates the plots in areas such as a corner, park-facing, and. The sizes of Taj Residencia plots for sale in the commercial sector include 30 x 40 size of the plot with a 20% down payment.

The investors are investing in Taj Residencia commercial plots, after looking at the master plan.  Moreover, Centaurs Mall 2 is also made a part of this developing housing project.  The master plan of Taj Residencia Islamabad indicates that there will be numerous commercial spots in the society. Some of the landmarks likely to be seen in the commercial hub are highlighted as follows:

  • Centaurus Mall 2
  • Shopping hubs
  • Educational institutions
  • Parks
  • Royal club


Taj Residencia Instalment Plan

The payment plan for Taj Residencia plots for sale is based on various yearly installment offers along with the discounted rates. The payment plans along with the time span are described below.


  • Payment Plan Of 1.5 Years

The Taj Residencia payment plan of 1.5 years requires a down payment of 20%. The remaining payment of the residential, as well as commercial plots, will be due within 6 quarters of installment.


  • Payment Plan Of 2.5 Years

The payment plan of 2.5 years includes an initial amount in the form of a down payment of around 20%. The total amount after the deduction of the down payment will have to be paid in 10 quarterly installments.

Some extra charges will be applied depending upon the location of the plot. The additional charges on park-facing, corner, and boulevard plots will be 10%. The plots situated at the main boulevard above 100 feet will be 15%.


Details Of 3.5 Marla Payment Plan

Apart from the yearly installment plan, Taj Residencia offers a discount on the size of plots. This payment plan is applied only on residential plots of Taj Residencia Islamabad.

3.5 Marla payment plan of Taj Residencia plots for sale in the residential sector is to add ease for the investors. This plan begins with a down payment of 395k. The installment plan is based on 4 years with 16 quarterly installments.


The above-mentioned payment plans provide a variety to the people who may have difficulties investing a large amount at once. For this reason, Taj Residencia has become popular among investors.

To conclude the discussion, Taj Residencia plots for sale offer a highly flexible payment plan. The plan is not just confined to the residential sector but is also expanded to the commercial plots as well. The plots are being sold out at an expeditious rate because of the amenities offered by Taj Residencia. Makeen Marketing provides a safe investment plan. You can feel free to contact us at UAN: +92-330-0625336.

A Closer View Of Expectation Vs. Reality In Real Estate Marketing Trends

A Closer View Of Expectation Vs. Reality In Real Estate Marketing Trends

Real estate marketing trends are under the intermixed clouds of reality and expectations, which has created numerous controversial statements in the field of real estate. For this reason, it is necessary to clarify all the ambiguities that have been incorporated in this market.

This blog provides an insight into the realities of the real estate market, keeping in mind the false expectations. Check out our full blog for more information.

Location: Expectation Vs. Reality

Expectation: The people expect that the investment made in property, will surely increase in the years to come, regardless of the location.

Reality: To have a bite of the reality sandwich, not every location is capable of maintaining the worth of its property. The real estate marketing trends may be increasing today for a particular location, but there is no guarantee for the future. There may be the possibility that the worth suffers a significant decline. This can be due to some factors like:

  • Legal issues like NOC, may not be resolved properly, before construction.
  • The access points may cause the value of the location to fall.
  • The Rapid change in the price trends of the real estate market is due to some purposed factors.

Overnight Billionaire: Expectation Vs. Reality

Expectation: Another expectation that is deceiving people, is that a gold mine can be dug out by investing in real estate property.

Reality: The people detached from reality, really need to consider that a lot of effort is required, to be successful in this field. Yes, there is no doubt that the real estate investment is a secure one, but there is no formula to get-rich-quick in the market of real estate. If someone deterministically performs, keeping in mind all the important points, then he can excel. But the time frame might extend from a year or more.

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No Extra Costs Required: Expectation Vs. Reality

Expectation: A common belief among people is that buying a home just requires a certain amount, in terms of a down payment and purchase costs.

Reality: The reality is opposite to the expectations. If you are going for an already constructed house, chances might include that some areas need renovation. Moreover, the real estate property owners don’t indicate about worn-out areas of their homes. This is because they are eager to sell their property.

Secondly, if you are investing in a commercial/residential plot, even then you will have to invest some extra costs, apart from the construction. As, numerous cases have been witnessed in which the plot didn’t have a fence, and it was in someone else’s possession. So, you will have to take possession first, because the property owner does not notify you about this issue.

That is why it is best to have a close observance of the real estate marketing trends in terms of prices and authenticated housing projects. You can read an article related to the construction cost of 5 Marla upper story in Pakistan, that may help you out.

Bargaining: Expectation Vs. Reality

Expectation: One of the other misleading beliefs regarding the real estate marketing trends is that the property owners might go for making a bargain. The sellers think that just through their communication skills they can convince a buyer from purchasing the property.  

Reality: To have a look at the factual world, there’s almost no room for a bargain in the real estate market. Numerous housing societies provide a fixed rate of a down payment and purchase, but no bargaining is done. This is due to the reason that the authorities have already come up with a suitable and fixed payment plan.

Some people without inquiring about the whole booking process, live in a delusion that they will bargain. At the time of booking, they just randomly ask for a bargain to be done, which is impossible. Eventually, they don’t have a heavy amount that is a part of a particular housing plan. In this entire scenario, such people are making themselves suffer.

It’s a Piece Of Cake: Expectation Vs. Reality

Expectation: The real estate market is taken as a child’s play. The investors as well as the buyers think that no planning and homework is required to study the real estate marketing trends, due to the ease provided by this industry.

Reality: To shed light on the reality, there needs to be done a proper working, either you are a seller or a buyer in the real estate market. Following are some of the points based on the reality, that a buyer can face:

  • Problems related to the estimation of costs in total including the price of the down payment, purchase, labor, construction, and maintenance costs.
  • Due to a large number of people being in the real estate market, the rate of scams is also increased. So, you might have to authenticate about the real estate agency, that you are buying your property from.
  • The owners may use false statements for the property for the sake of selling it. Do consider the physical factors of the location, by going to the area directly.

Discussing the seller’s viewpoint, to bring him to the world of reality, if he is making use of deceiving statements or has not done proper investigation regarding the property for sale.:

  • The buyer may charge you for using false telling.
  • In the real estate market, you may lose your repute.
  • The history associated with you can cause you to quit the field of real estate.
  • Legal issues can arise if you have not gone into the details of the land you are selling.


To summarize the discussion, preplanning and deep investigation are required, in order to set a bar for success in the real estate market. Furthermore, such issues are affecting the reputation of the market, as more and more people are being influenced by deceiving statements. To be on the safer side, study the ongoing real estate marketing trends. At Makeen Marketing your investment is in secure hands, you can contact us at UAN: +92-330-0625336.

Blue World City Awami Complex Plot Rates Set to Go Up! | 2021

Blue World City Awami Complex Plot Rates Set to Go Up! | 2021

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AlF4b1zt-FEBlue World City developers have always taken their investors by surprise. It is keeping up to its traditions of bringing the best news in the town for its investors. So gear up yourself this time as well. The good news is arriving at the doors of investors – Blue World City Awami Complex prices are rising!
The sole aim of this complex was to follow the vision of Naya Pakistan of PM Imran Khan. The Blue World City Awami Residential Complex will be providing its potential investors with low-cost housing options. It is a step towards accommodating people who are pinching pennies by providing them access to every conceivable facility to raise their standard of living.

Who Is Responsible for Developing Awami Block?

The seed of Blue World City Awami Complex was sowed by two of Pakistan’s most reliable and trustworthy real estate developers: Blue Group of Companies (BGC) and Imperium Group of Companies (IGC). Both firms feel that, in addition to earning money, priority should be given to corporate responsibility. They started this initiative with this goal in mind. The joint venture between these two firms is anticipated to pool their finest resources in order to make this endeavor a success.

Old Rates Vs New Rates

According to the Blue World City latest updates, the current rates for 3.5 Marla plots are PKR 5,94,000. By the end of August, these rates will rise by 25%. The new rates would be PKR 7,42,500. If we compare the old rates with the Blue World City new rates, there would be a mere difference of PKR 1,48,500. It implies that, even with the rise, the Blue World City Islamabad prices remain cheap and budget-friendly.
You might be wondering how these prices will help you. The answer is that if you purchase the 3.5 Marla land in Blue World City Awami Complex before August 31st, you will make a guaranteed profit of PKR 1,48,000. Profits might skyrocket as a result of the other variables stated above.
Summarizing the Blue World City Awami Block payment plan:

  • Old Rate/ Current rate: PKR 5,94,000
  • New Rate after 25% increase: PKR 7,42,500

Where Is the Location of This Block?

Although the developers are asking a low price for the Blue World City Awami Complex since it is all about affordability. Yet, it provides the investors with the best Blue World City location. The site is mapped on the Lahore-Islamabad Motorway (M2), making it just a stone’s throw from significant areas of the twin cities.
To be even more precise, it is on the right of the general block’s extension.

What Makes Up Awami Residential Complex?

Only 3.5 Marla (20 X 35) apartments and plots are available in the Blue World City Awami Complex. So let’s talk about them exclusively. These apartments are split into three categories: studio apartments, one-bedroom, and two-bedroom apartments. The development work at the Awami Residential Complex gated community is still underway. However, if you want to see the design of these buildings, you can visit the model apartments, which are adjacent to the Blue World City site office. You may get to the office if you enter the housing society through gate 2.
Talking about each of the Awami Residential Complex apartment sizes, here is the detailed explanation:

  • Studio apartments have a small kitchen, an attached bath, and a bedroom, all on 375 sq. ft.
  • 1-bed family apartments comprise an open kitchen along with a living room. It has a single bedroom with the Attached Bath in the area of 550 sq. ft.
  • 2-bed family apartments have attached baths & a closed kitchen on 830 sq. ft. It also has a spacious living room.

One of the most common inquiries we receive regarding the apartments is if they are as furnished as depicted in the models. They are, indeed! However, if you wish to design the apartment in your own way, you can request the Blue World City housing society to keep it unfurnished for you. The furnished apartments may be slightly more expensive than the unfurnished apartments.

Why Are the Prices Rising?

Makeen Marketing has received the notification from the developers that they are considering changing the rates by 25% from 31 August onwards. Do not worry, as these apartments will still be affordable as you will not find any other housing society with such prices in the surrounding areas.
Because of its ideal location, the services and amenities it provides, the increasing demand for Blue World City Islamabad plot for sale, and the investor’s faith in the Blue Group of Companies, the complex is projected to experience a further increase in prices.

How Can I Reserve a Plot in Awami Block?

Now that you’ve learned everything there is to know about the Blue World City Awami Complex, make sure you have the following papers on hand before reserving a plot:

  • A copy of the applicant’s CNIC
  • Copy of the applicant’s ID card if they are related to the applicant.
  • A passport size photograph of the applicant’s next of kin
  • Fill out the form that Makeen Marketing will make readily available to you.
  • The payment for the reservation will be made by check, cash, or bank draught.

* To make Blue World City booking easy for you, we provide 24/7 assistance.

When Will the Awami Block Balloting Begin?

Another good news your ears might be waiting to hear is that the balloting will be completed by December 2021 for Blue World City Awami Complex. The investors will be assigned a plot number and a street number. They then begin development on the land.
We hope that this post has helped you comprehend the new Blue World City Awami Residential Complex prices. Reserve your dream apartment or plot in Islamabad with Makeen Marketing. Plus, we can also assist you with Awami Residential Complex Islamabad file verification.
You may reach us through our UAN +92-330-0625336 or visit our headquarters at Plaza D1, Main PWD Road, Islamabad. Make your decision quickly, so you don’t have to live with the consequences afterward because there are only 8 days left in the transition in rates.

7 Skills That Are Must Haves For Real Estate Investment

7 Skills That Are Must Haves For Real Estate Investment

There is a common belief among several people that investing in the real estate sector can make you an overnight millionaire. This belief can be true, but needs some correction, as a lot of effort is required to make your investment value for the future. This blog is specifically written to provide a worthy piece of advice to people who are planning to a make real estate investment, shortly.

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Understanding The Flow Of Cash

The must-have skills for investment start from understanding the flow of cash. The cash flow should be positive. It means, that the income is more than the expenditures including your maintenance, property tax, mortgage, etc. Also, the cash-on-cash return tactic should be kept in mind. This term is often used for real estate transactions, meaning the total cash gained on the invested property.

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Prior Knowledge About Investment Area

When buying a real estate property, the area you are investing in should be the prime focus. If the investment is made in an under developing area, then surely it can prove to be beneficial, as the worth of the area will increase with time. Additionally, if the investment is in the commercial sector, the option would be great, because the commercial plots behold a huge value, which is meant to be elevated higher in the future.

Making Use Of Investment Property Calculators

With the immense use of technology, the real estate sector has been also taking advantage of property gains to their fullest. If a person knows the current applicable rate of the property he owns, inclusive of taxes, and the investment amount, can easily know the gain or loss that he is likely to bear. This is made easier with the use of investment property calculators. There’s no need of using spreadsheets, which are also becoming outdated.

Communication And Assistance

Getting assistance in investment for real estate can save you from several complexities of future failures in this market. If someone is constantly engaged with the real estate market, then he will be able to make sense out of the ongoing trends of real estate investment in Pakistan. In this way, the opportunities, knowledge, and risks can be closely observed.

Also, there are several people with outstanding expertise in this field, that can be contacted. This can make you free from the hassle of having a keen eye on the real estate trends 24/7. Other than individual agents, real estate agency also provides the investors with exclusive investment opportunities.

Capable of Understanding The Risks Of Investment

Another factor is understanding the market of and the risks associated with it. For example, if someone wants to sell his property, the market current market rate of that property must be kept in mind. If the rate is lower than what was invested, the investor should immediately withdraw that deal as it will take the person towards loss.

Once a person is experienced at understanding the loss and profit of the real estate market, success will be inevitable. You might like an article related to tips for buying a home in 2021.

Securing Amount For Down Payment

Securing a handsome amount for a down payment can also give fruitful results. This is because, at the time of booking, numerous real estate housing schemes ask for a down payment of around 20%. If someone cannot give the payment at once, then bank financing will be helpful to obtain a down payment.

Furthermore, a person can preserve a certain amount on a monthly basis. In this way, when this percentage of amount gets a certain figure, it will contribute towards down payment.

Persistence and Patience

As it’s a great saying that “persistence is a key to success”. It also applies to Pakistan real estate market. To be successful in terms of investment, one must be loaded with patience and persistence. Other than that, he will get rid of the field of real estate. To elaborate on this, it will require constant observance of the current rates offered by various housing schemes, newly emerging housing societies and their future development, and much more.


To conclude, the news highlights that foreign as well as local investors are planning to invest in this market, and Pakistan is near to the time of experiencing the real estate boom. So, it can be said that the future of the real estate business in Pakistan is bright. We hope that this blog helped you a lot. Stay in touch with Makeen Marketing. Feel free to contact us at UAN: +92-330-0625336.

Blue World City Villas | Location, Features & Development Updates

Blue World City Villas | Location, Features & Development Updates

One of the most luxurious real estate housing projects Blue World City Islamabad has a lot to unveil.  It is known due to the benefits it offers to the investors. The enchanting atmosphere and comfortable living are made the primary attributes for this housing project. Blue World City latest news sheds light on Blue World City Villas that are named Serene Villas. Read the full blog to stay updated regarding Blue World City Villas.

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Blue World City Villas

The owners and developers of Blue Word City Islamabad, who belong to the Blue Group of Companies, have provided the details regarding the villas. Along with Blue World City apartments, villas will also be a part of this under-developing real estate project. Blue World City Villas are named Awami Villas or Awami Duplex Villas. Each category of these villas has its own relevant features and facilities.

The project of Blue World City Awami Villas is associated with the Blue Group of Companies in collaboration with some other top contractors. This project is considered a signature project of Blue World City Islamabad. There are several remarkable characteristics, which will prove to be worthwhile, in terms of investment.

Blue World City Villas known as Serene Villas is planned to provide the low-income class of Pakistan, with a luxurious living. It proposes various schemes offering low-cost houses for sale in Islamabad. In this way, people can get to live a standard lifestyle within their limited budget.  Moreover, this project came into existence with Naya Pakistan Housing Scheme.

Location of Blue World City Serene Villas

Blue World City location can be considered as the second name of peace. The location provides a highly tranquil atmosphere along with eco-friendly features. The features incorporate lush green trees and lakes full of appealing views. Besides that, the sound of flowing water of the lakes, adds magic to the daily walks.

According to the Blue World City Villas map it is located on Chakri Road. The Rawalpindi Link Road being in the construction phase, is also away from some distance to the Blue World City Awami Villas. Also, it is adjacent to the New Islamabad International Airport. M2 Islamabad Motorway is also reachable from this under-developing real estate project. Several other housing societies and landmarks will be accessible from Blue World City Villas.

For more news and updates you can click here.

Development Updates of Serene Villas

The development status of Blue World City Islamabad indicates that around six to seven villas in total, are almost complete. The size of the villas is 25 x 45 and made on double story buildings, with a height of 40 ft. The development of other Blue World City Villas depends upon the speed with which the investors buy a plot.

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Features Offered By Blue World City Islamabad Serene Villas

Blue World City Serene Villas is composed of several unique features. As mentioned previously, the Blue World City location for Serene Villas is highly peaceful and covers a set of eco-friendly characteristics. The people with low income can go for booking their dream villa, as it is particularly benefitting such class of the society. To elaborate, Blue World City Villas features are listed as follows:

  • Replica of Burj-ul-Arab and Blue Mosque
  • Gated community
  • Underground supply of electricity
  • Uninterrupted supply of water and Sui Gas
  • Availability of 24/7 CCTV cameras
  • Lush green pathways, a variety of parks, and walking trails.

Serene Villas Blue World City Payment Plan

Blue World City prices for Serene Villas are specialized for the low-income community of Pakistan. This is the reason that the prices for a house for sale in Blue World City Villas are kept to minimal. The price starts from PKR 7500,000. The booking can be made with a 15% down payment.


The residents can pay 50% advance and 50% installment for the house for sale in Blue World City Islamabad. The discount provided is 15% if the investor is not asking for full possession of the house. In case of having full possession, there are no discounted packages being offered. Makeen Marketing provides the best of the best real estate services. For more inquiries related to Blue World City Villas you can contact us at UAN: +92-330-0625336.




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