Listing down the top 3 modern housing societies in Islamabad for Investment is not an easy task. There are so many modern upcoming societies each with its own unique feature that makes the comparison even more difficult for investors.

There are many potential societies in Islamabad, and each has something unique, different, and exciting to offer to its investors. Islamabad is growing if we consider its real estate sector and many societies are being constructed in it. Marketing these societies is not an easy job.

For the sake of marketing these societies many online Real Estate companies have stepped forward and are promoting these societies. One of the top real estate companies in Makeen Marketing Pvt Ltd which fully concentrates on giving the potential investors easy tailor-made investment solutions.

As quoted earlier choosing the best 3 societies is not an easy task but for your ease here are the three which are considered to be at the top. Each and every one of them are classified and distinguished based upon their Location, Installment Plans and Pricing, Facilities and Features, and Future Growth.

Capital Smart City Islamabad

Capital Smart City Islamabad

One of the societies in Islamabad having the most potential is the Capital Smart City Islamabad. This is the most lavish society out there offering one of a kind features, unlike any other society. Each of its features adds more and more value to the investment of its investors.

The added value eventually result in huge returns on investment. Let’s categorize our research based on our selected categories so that we can get better insight about this lavish and extravagant society.

Considering the location of Capital Smart City Islamabad, it is quite common as the topmost trending societies are in its proximity. Having an ideal entrance this society is located near the New Islamabad International Airport. This lavish construction is situated near the Lahore-Islamabad Motorway (M2).


Due to its beautiful location and proximity to Chakri Interchange, its are a golden opportunity and investment destination for investors. It has a dedicated entrance which gives the public easy access to this society. One of the most brilliant aspects of any modern society is its easy accessibility.

Most importantly its is located on the CPEC route which means that this society is also going to be important from a business point of view. Compared to the other neighboring housing societies it is way ahead of its time which is a matter of fact a positive aspect.

Inspired due to its location the investors take it as once in a blue moon opportunity to invest in this society. So, in conclusion, its location plays a vital role and adds value to your investment far greater than one can imagine.

Installment Plans and Prices: 

Yes, the things that bug you when you wish to opt for this society is correct. It is a bit expensive as compared to other societies. Capital Smart City Islamabad prices are higher but at better amenities and values and no other society offers these features.

The society offers flexible payment plans and offers exclusive incentives. For a 50% down payment, the society offers a 5% concession and on a lump sum payment, it offers a 10% concession. Moreover, there is only 10% on confirmation which portrays that the society cares for its investors because of which the payment plans are generated in this way.

Considering the installment plan of overseas block residential plots, there is only a 10% down payment and 10% confirmation cost. Besides this the block offers 7 Marla at PKR 3,230,000/-, 10 Marla at PKR 4,245,000/-, 12 Marla at PKR 4,695,000/-, 1 Kanal at PKR 6,365,000/-, and 2 Kanal at PKR 12,500,000/- exclusive of developing cost.

Talking about the other two blocks they are also somewhat the same. The prices are exclusive of development cost and both have a 10% down payment and confirmation. But overall the prices support the facilities that Capital Smart City Islamabad has to offer.

Facilities and Features: 

First of all,  society exclusively offers three different types of blocks. Namely, these are the Overseas Block, Executive Block, Harmony Block. Each of these is designed with its own special features.

The overall society is built for sustainable development of the country and is the first-ever smart city of the country which proves the fact that it is far ahead of its time. No other society is based on this feature neither is offering smart features.

The society has its own residential and commercial areas and also offers villas and farmhouse plots. Plots of these types vary in size depending upon your liking and affordability, but every plot has its own distinct features. Not just that, this project also offers smart villas.

These villas include Georgian type, Mediterranean type, and Contemporary type. The project allows you to choose between these three different categories and also allows you to mold the interior and exterior according to your own liking. This shows that society values investor’s decisions and customer satisfaction are of very much importance.

The main features include first of all that it is a gated community, next is that the society chooses to hand over its security to the Punjab ranges because the security should be top-notch in any society. The society is going to have its own BRT system for the ease of its residents.

Moreover, this society has all the urban utilities, separate overseas districts, Mosques, Gardens and Parks, Health Care facilities, education facilities, and most importantly all the required smart city facilities with the addition of it being built entirely on international standards.

Future Growth: 

The most important thing that wholly supports the decision of an investor in the future growth and future returns of a society. Capital Smart City Islamabad shows not only the bright future of this project, but it is also a reflection of the future development of the entire country in every industry.

A society’s stakes rest upon its future growth and development. This said the more potentials a society has the more are its growth chances and the more returns it offers in the near future. Moreover, the feature lures the investors in investing in such societies.

Let’s not forget the fact that this society is located on CPEC route so, these were the main reasons because of which Capital Smart City Islamabad is placed in top 3 housing societies in Islamabad for investment.

Blue World City Islamabad

Blue World City Islamabad

Blue World City Islamabad is one of the most exciting housing society projects in Islamabad as its inauguration and features created a boom in the real estate world of the capital city.  Blue World The city is based entirely on tourism.

The project is going to be the first-ever tourist attraction point in the city as it is constructed on international standards and is basically targeted to the low-income segment of the country so as to provide them with luxury. This project also contributes to cater to overpopulation and poverty.

The CEO of this project is Saad Nazir who is a visionary man who aims to provide quality living to the people of this country. He has put forward his best efforts for the sake of the people so that the people are able to get quality living and maximum out of their investments.


One of the best points about Blue World City Islamabad’s location is that it is on the Chakri Road and is at an approximate 11-minute drive from Chakri Interchange. Chakri Road has become the hub of the development of new societies. One of its neighboring society is Capital Smart City Islamabad.

Another positive aspect is the development of the Chakri road. This area has been developing and is very important from a business point of view. This road connects the urban and rural parts of the city and attracts investors from all across the country.

The most positive aspect of Blue World City Islamabad is its proximity to The New Islamabad International Airport. This gives the value that this project deserves. So, this aids in providing the society with separate entrance and give the public easy access which is one of the main things that investors take into account while investing in any society.

This extravagant and beautiful housing society is also close to the Lahore-Islamabad Motorway (M2). The beautiful architectural marvels present In this society can be seen from the motorway. This society attracts travelers on the motorway and catches the attention of every potential investor.

Installment Plans and Prices:  

The Blue World City plot prices are unlike any other. One of the biggest perks of this housing society is its prices and payment plans. The Blue World City Islamabad payment plans are designed for investor’s convenience and to create ease for the investors.

The Blue World City installment plans are quite flexible and cost-efficient. One of its best plus point over Capital Smart City Islamabad is its prices. They are quite low as compared to Capital Smart City Islamabad. These low prices reflect the CEO’s concern for providing the low-income segment of the country their dream living destination with affordable rates.

The project charges a total of 10% on booking and the confirmation charges are only 5%. This said the society is not done with offering you the best and incomparable incentives. The society allows its investors to opt for either half-yearly, monthly, or quarterly installments. It’s all just to create maximum ease for customers.

This in return creates maximum customer satisfaction and this aids the society in delivering maximum value to its investors. The Blue World City map reveals the fact that the overseas block of this magnificent society has a separate entrance which has its own advantages to offer to the residents of this block.

Blue World City plots for sale are at very affordable prices and the prices vary from block to block. Every block is designed with its own specific features and level of lifestyle. So, the Investors have an option to choose out their own standard of living according to their needs, demands, and wants.

Facilities and Features: 

Unlike any other society. Blue World City Islamabad is based on international standards and is going to be the top tourist destination for not just the citizens of the country but from around the globe. This beautiful society is designed and inspired by modern Islamic Architecture.

This society is basically a blend of Islamic culture, heritage, and architecture, and modern international architecture. The project is under the supervision of the most talented architects and engineers and is based on international standards.

This society houses the world’s top tourist attraction replicas which is one of the main reasons why investors and tourists are lured towards this developing Project in Islamabad. All these architectural marvels aid in generating the beauty of this society.

The main solid tourist attraction construction is the world’s tallest Horse Mascot which is well lit and can also be seen from the Lahore-Islamabad Motorway (M2). Other than this there is going to be the very famous Blue Mosque Replica in this lavish society and the replica of Burj al Arab is a pinnacle construction.

Adding up to this list we also have Rumi’s Square that also one of the most splendid constructions of the site. Other features that this society has to offer to include a very beautiful and well-designed entrance gate, forces school system and forces cadet college, Hospitals, gyms, cinemas, cafes, shopping malls, parks, 7-star hotel, and top-notch security.

Blue World City Islamabad is divided into three main blocks. Namely, these are Overseas block, General block, and Awami Residential Complex. All these blocks offer residential and commercial plots for investors. An important fact that no other society provides plots for sale in Islamabad of 3.5 Marla other than Blue World City.

Future Growth: 

Blue World City Islamabad has high potentials as this is the only tourist attraction society in the city. The society was initially developing at a somewhat steady space but now the society is undergoing developing rapidly. The society is a promising project as investing here would be one of your wise decisions.

The main reason to invest in this society is due to its growth and development. Other than this promising housing society offers huge returns of investment. This society has elevated the real estate sector of the country and is the most attractive investment destination in the eyes of the investors.

Investors from not just all over Pakistan but the overseas investors have also shown a keen interest in this project and many have already invested. These are the main feature because of which Blue World City is included in the top 3 modern housing societies in Islamabad best for investment.

Islamabad Model Town

Islamabad Model Town

In the clash of Blue World City Islamabad vs Capital Smart City Islamabad lets not forget the very important Islamabad Model Town. This is a beautiful and well-built trending society that has the maximum attention of investors nowadays.

This modern society is built on international infrastructure and has a vision of making the society a brand name that represents a modern, clean, and lavish lifestyle. The society aims to provide plots for sale in Islamabad at affordable rates. Furthermore, the society aims to provide the most and the best quality of living there is.


Considering Islamabad Model Town‘s location from Rawal Chowk it is just at an approximate 10 to 15-minute drive away. This modern and lavish society is located in the heart of the capital city o the country. Being precise this society is located in the middle of Park View City and Bahria Enclave.

Considering the fact that this beautiful and extravagant society is in proximity to Chak Shahzad and the top university of the country i.e., COMSATS University Islamabad. A hosing society being close to industrial and educational hubs have its own perks.

In addition to this these hubs help society gain massive popularity and adds value to the overall project. Considering its proximity to Serena Hotel Islamabad, it is at an approximate 15 to 20-minutes distance. The overall areas that are near Chak Shahzad Islamabad are undergoing massive development including Islamabad Model Town.

Islamabad Model Town has its very own separate entrance and is a gated community and it’s very near to the main city, so the future of this society is quite bright. The locations reveal and reflect the value and future growth of this project.

Installment Plans and Prices: 

Islamabad Model Town has very cost-effective payment plans. The Islamabad Model Town installment plans are based on the ease of affordability of the investors. Customer satisfaction is the main goal of any society and the society installment plans portray the concern of any society for its investors.

The Islamabad Model Town installment plans reflect the society’s concern for the investors and to deliver maximum value for their investment. The society offers two-year easy installment plans for 5 Marla, 8 Marla, and 10 Marla. This easy booking process is created according to the ease and convenience of potential buyers.

Plots for sale in Islamabad Model Town include easy down payment of 3.5 Marla at PKR 350,000/-, 5 Marla at PKR 350,000/-, 8 Marla at PKR 500,000/-, 10 Marla at PKR 650,000/-. Except for the 3.5 Marla, all the plots are at 10% down payment and 10% on the confirmation.

Facilities and Features: 

One of the main features of this society is the prices of plots that it has to offer. Other than this the society aims to provide high-quality living and is designed on the basis of international standards.

This means that society will be equipped with all the basic amenities that a modern requires to live a happy and healthy life. All the modern facilities are available in this society. This is an eco-friendly society providing high-quality living and a clean atmosphere where residents can freely grow and develop according to changing future trends and lifestyles.

Other than this the society offers schools and colleges, community clubs, commercial areas, hospitals, parks, cinemas, gyms, graveyard areas, and much more. This is a gated society and has state of the art security.

Future Growth: 

The main reason for including Islamabad Model Town in the top 3 housing societies in Islamabad best for investment is due to its low prices. In addition to this, the features help the society to make it to the top 3 housing societies in Islamabad best for investment.

This society has a very strong potential for growth and the development here is undergoing a massive pace. Not only this but investment here will turn out to give huge returns in the near future. It is a small project if we talk about development duration. So, start your own research or get guidance related to this project from Makeen Marketing Pvt Ltd. 

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